Request Inspired: Holographic Dancer (Klawz)

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Uploaded: 23rd Jan 2006 at 5:47 PM
Updated: 26th Oct 2008 at 3:51 AM - Update
Greetings to one and all

Calidan Entertainment presents 'Holo Daynser'. This state-of-the-art audio system incorporated all current advancements in micro-technology and holographic projection systems to bring to you this attractive (if impractical) stereo.

Thanks to the assistance of Ms Daynser, 'Holo Daynser' features a seamless 10 second looping dance routine, internal light and projection systems all housed in a wafer thin base for space economy.

Best viewed against a black (or very dark) background at 'keyboard zoom' level 2, or 2nd zoom out from closeup, (for those using wheelmouse zoom or the UI zoom buttons - you will have to decide this level yourselves) and with all game graphics settings at their highest level. Apologies to those unable to meet this graphics level requirement.

Object Information:
Faces: 1552
Vertices: 1108

.Zip Contents:

Simply copy the inclosed package file into your Downloads and Enjoy and can be found under Electronics->Audio

Additional Information:
Due to the amount of holographic data embedded in this file, the resulting package is just under 6MB in size. Apologies to all for this but it was a compromise between 'playable display quality' and size (this is the best of both). As a result of these limitations, the resulting Hologram is only 2/3 - 3/4 normal sim height.

Also... I have disabled those annoying 'stereo notes', so don't rely on seeing them to indicate an active object (the presence of 'Holo Daynser' herself should show you this.)

I have testing this object on a couple of system, and so far have found no problems with it displaying, running, or loading into a lot -- However, as this was created as a decorative item (although a functional stereo) I WILL NOT BE MAKING ANY MODIFICATION, ADDITIONS, FIXES, NEW VERSIONS, NEW DANCERS or ANYTHING NEW RELATING TO THIS OBJECT (sorry). If you find this object buggy, simply delete it from your Downloads directory and reload the game to remove it.

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
Excessive staring at the Holographic Projection Lasers can lead to blindness (or a bad headache - whichever comes first)

All my objects use Unique GUIDs