Dragonette Wall Light

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Uploaded: 8th Dec 2005 at 3:48 PM
Updated: 26th Oct 2008 at 4:07 AM - Update
Well due to a total lack of 'open flame' wall lighting, I was prompted to create one. The mesh is all hand extruded (arghh) so isn't one of the 'tidiest' in the world however the overall effect was what I wanted - an 'organic' or living statue.

Also as part of this package I have included several recolor subsets (4 body colors and 3 wing colors) all built into the package itself, so I apologies for the resulting .package being approx. 1MB in size

You are free to recolor this item if you like although I am unsure of how successfully any recolors will work. Initially (for me) anytime I included a seperate recolor package for it my game would crash but I now believe that was because I had not setup the MMAT correctly to start with.

Your results with this light may vary since I am very new to creating recolorable objects - but for those who are game this is the final result

Located in

Package Contents

Just copy into your Downloads and enjoy (I hope )

Model Info
Faces: 2298
Vertices: 1851

EDIT: I'd like to thank IgnorantBliss for pointing me in the right direction when it came to adding the recolor subsets.

All my Objects use Unique GUID's