Audio - Bard Trio *FIXED: 19/12*

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Uploaded: 14th Dec 2005 at 3:48 PM
Updated: 26th Oct 2008 at 3:43 AM - Update
NOTICE: I believe that with the assistance of Lethe_s this object has NOW BEEN FIXED. (Thanks once again Lethe_s)

**If you have the previous buggy object you MUST delete it from your downloads before replacing with the new fixed version**

Calidan_Audio_BardTrioV02.package **DELETE THIS**

REQUEST: If you download - or redownload this object, could you please leave feedback confirming that this object now works for you (If you are so inclined) or if you still experience problems - Thanks.

I have tested this object in TS2 (orig) and UNI EP and it now functions fine in both and while I am fairly certain it should work fine now with all EPs, if someone with NL could test and post their result it would be appreciated.


Greetings and welcome once more to Calidan's fantasy workshop.

Presenting for your enjoyment and medieval/fantasy pleasure the enchanted bard trio. Carved from sacred wood and charmed with magical essence, this hand carved trio brings their musical skills and abilities into any castle or court.

Designed with the same goals as my crystal ball and television, this replacement to the 'modern' stereo is perfectly at home in any medieval or fantasy setting.

Model Info:
Faces: 3782
Vertices: 2191
Two tile placement

Zip Contents:
Calidan_Audio_BardTrioV02b.package **FIXED VERSION**

Simply copy into your Downloads and enjoy

Catelog Location:
Electronics->Audio - Slightly more expensive than the large stereo.

Additional Info:
Features animated strings on the mandolin when in operation (you have to get rather close to see it though). I have not modified or tested this object regarding 'repair', so it could break just like any other stereo and I have not made it recolorable - so sorry all you are stuck with my wood textures

I created the bards using milkshape, based on my own artists model/figure.

EDIT: Thanks to Little_Tx_Mama for all the help and pointers on poly reduction etc. THIS is the final result of what I've been working on

All my objects use unique GUIDs