Conquering Hero, Brent Anchor!

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Name: Brenton William Anchor (Brent)
Age: 24
Traits: Handy/Athletic/Brave/Flirty/Daredevil
Lifetime Wish: Firefighting Hero (Rescue 30 Sims from Death)

All about Brent...

Brent grew up an only child. His father was a general so Brent was something of an army brat who rarely saw his stern (but loving) father. William Anchor had high expectations of his only son but left him largely to the care of his gentle-hearted wife, Caroline.

William was killed in action was Brent was nine and he became the man of the family. He was very protective of his mother but could not save her from breast cancer and she died when he was twelve. After that, Brent bounced around the foster care system picking up wounds until he aged out of the system at age eighteen, cynical, jaded and out of control.

All of that changed when left with no where else to go, he joined the military to follow in his father's footsteps. It was there that Brent was somewhat shaped into the man he would become. Something of a daredevil, naturally brave and athletic, Brent excelled in the military, but he wasn't happy there so once his contract ended (when he was twenty-one), he moved to Twinbrook to put down roots and joined up with the Twinbrook Fire Department.

When Brent isn't battling the blazes he can usually be found out and about romancing the ladies. While he's strong, bold, selfless and handsome, Brent isn't perfect. He can be somewhat vain and shallow. Deep down he does want someday, to start a family and be the father his own dad never was - but not for a little while yet.

All custom content is entirely optional. He'll still look more or less the same without it.

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