Tadashi Hamada (Big Hero 6)

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Contains recolours of Maxis content.

Custom Content Included:

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Tadashi uses content from Late Night. His outerwear requires Seasons.

Tadashi Hamada (Daniel Henney) is a major character in Disney's 2014 animated feature film Big Hero 6.

Tadashi is a good guy. He just is. He actually developed, built and programmed a state-of-the-art nursebot ? a Healthcare Companion named Baymax that will likely help millions worldwide. But it's his role as big brother that makes Tadashi truly special. Every kid needs a guy like Tadashi looking out for him, and Hiro knows just how lucky he is to have him in his life.

Incredibly kind, encouraging and hard-working, Tadashi is considered the epitome of a great brother, nephew and student, always there when people need him. He has an energetic sense of humor and can be silly and excitable.

Original character design by Shiyoon Kim

Source: Disney Wiki

Age Group: Young Adult
Supernatural Type: Human

Traits: Family-Oriented, Good, Good Sense of Humour, Handy, Nurturing
Lifetime Wish: The Tinkerer

Favourite Food: Sushi
Favourite Music: Songwriter
Favourite Colour: Black
Voice: 2

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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Tadashi?s Cap:

Cloned from Base Game content.

Presets: 1
Channels: 4
Type: Hair
CAS Part Type: Hair
Age: Teen, Young Adult, Elder
Gender: Male, Female
Category: Everyday, Formalwear, Sleepwear, Athletic, Sleepwear Career
Extended Category: Valid for Random, Is Hat
Other: Human

Tadashi?s Everyday:

Cloned from Late Night content.

Presets: 1
Channels: 4
Type: Body
CAS Part Type: Top
Age: Young Adult, Elder
Gender: Male
Category: Everyday, Formalwear, Career
Extended Category: Valid for Random
Other: Human

Additional Credits:
- MasterController was used while working on Tadashi.
- Special thanks to the people who provided feedback and suggestions in this thread here.

- Tadashi's cap and everyday wear were created using s3oc Cloner and CTU
- His shirt decal was traced from this image here
- His cap decal was traced from this image here
- Reference image was taken from Animation Screencaps

Custom Content by Me:
- Cloned from Base Game content
- Cloned from Late Night content