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Old School Hollywood Dresses + Bonus Accessories!

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2011 at 2:02 AM

Ahhh Old School Hollywood...who doesn't love the sophisticated glamour? The classic beauty? Since I still have the retro bug, I decided to bring that beauty into TS3. Especially now that we have Late Night! My Old School Hollywood set well have your dashing divas covered from head to...ankle...because I didn't make shoes.

Hollywood Drape

The Hollywood Drape is a classic form fitting gown that's just tight enough to bring out your figure, yet loose enough to still look elegant. It comes in two styles, strapless and semi-halter. The semi-halter has a neck collar that holds up a see through front. Both styles have 3 channels: drape, underskirt and trim/collar.

Grecian Glamour

The second dress, Grecian Glamour, is a loose gown with an empire waist. It, too, comes in two styles similar to the Hollywood Drape. Its two channels are the main dress and the trim/collar.

Elders can play too!

Your little starlets can age gracefully, because all items are available for ages YA to elder. All dresses are formal only.


This set also comes with a couple of accessories to really accentuate the Hollywood Glamour of yesteryears. The first is a pair of long armed ball gloves with angled hems. I just didn't like the look of the EA gloves when paired with my dress so I had to make my own. These only have one channel, and are available for Teens through Elders.

The second accessory is my favorite creation of the month! Nothing screams Old School Hollywood like a sleek cigarette holder, or a quellezaire if you want to sound fancy! These were really popular because it was unladylike for high society women to hold a cigarette to their lips at that time.

The cigarette holder has 3 channels: stem, cigarette and decorative stripes. I apologize for the CAS pictures but as you can see small textures like these come out smudgy in my game (I have mediocre graphics), but in CAS they're a lot sharper.

The cigarette holder is categorized as a left ring and rests in between the index and middle finger like it should. It has correct bone assignments, so it moves with your sims middle finger. It is not set for random townie use so you don't have to worry about random smokers in your hood.

I had this project sitting on my computer for a while and since I'll be shipped off back to uni in a day or so, I hauled ass to get it uploaded before I leave. I hope y'all will enjoy this set as much as I do!

Polygon Counts:
Cigarette Holder - 84 polys / 62 vertices

All other items are EA recolors.

Additional Credits:
My I Love Lucy complete collection for the inspiration and for keeping me company while I toiled away at this creation.

-Missy O (Blonde's Hair) by EA Store
-Black Model's Hair by Rose Sims