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Decorate 6 Base Game Dressers - with more slots

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Uploaded: 10th Mar 2011 at 2:26 PM
Updated: 10th Mar 2011 at 9:03 PM by werismyki
While the dressers aren't awful, they were a bit under slotted for my taste. EA gave each of them 5 slots, but hardly covered the surface area of the dressers. I moved the 5 existing and added 8 more to better cover the tops of the dressers.

This mod edits and replaces the original RSLT's for the following:
  • 0x8DA50A85609E4ACC: dresserDesigner
  • 0xEDAC2B9FA2CB31FB: dresserMediumColonial
  • 0x6C597434899ACECC: dresserMediumCountry
  • 0xF54C38A2D50EC4D1: dresserMediumLuxury
  • 0xAA57F67A60C84D43: dresserMission
  • 0x76F2D2D87744E1AE: dresserModern

All the deco used in the image below comes from Misc. Decor and BuyDebug.


Additional Credits:
pjjones for S3PE and S3OC For other "More Slot" mods Search Here