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Autonomous Gardening Tasks (weed, water, harvest, fertilize, dispose)

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Uploaded: 2nd Jan 2010 at 1:17 PM
Updated: 27th Jun 2014 at 7:10 PM - Included "ala carte" downloads

  • Autonomous Garden Tasks enabled so Sims will carry out tasks on their own.
  • Sims Can and do fertilize, water, weed, harvest, dispose their own gardens as well as on other lots and/or community lots.
  • As with my other mods, there is a fun instance to prod them along, but it is not a guarantee they will do the task. If your Sims are busy working, fulfilling personal needs, or other tasks they may not carry these out in a timely fashion. Obviously the more Sims you have the better chance you have of one or more taking care of the garden.
  • Skill levels for gardening must be obtained before the actions (user directed or autonomous) can be carried out: level 0 for watering, level 2 for weeding and fertilizing.
  • One of the EA updates allowed for a "Fertilize All with Best Fertilizer", so your sim will fertilize with the best in their inventory. If they don't have anything in their inventory, they won't fertilize.
  • If you wish only one sim to do the gardening, there is a no harvest version, alternatively you can put a fence around your garden and lock the gate for only the sim you wish to do the gardening. Then the "allowed" sim will perform tasks autonomously.

There are 4 downloads which offer combined actions, as well as 4 "Ala Carte" downloads for you to choose which options you want
  • AutoGardening.rar: Auto Fertilize, Harvest, Water, and Weed with less hygiene
  • AutoGardeningwithDispose.rar: Auto Fertilize, Harvest, Water, Weed, & Dispose Dead Plants with less hygiene
  • AutoGardeningNoHarvest.rar: Auto Fertilize, Water, Weed, No Harvest with less hygiene
  • AutoGardeningWithDisposeNoHarvest.rar Auto Fertilze, Water, Weed, Dispose, No Harvest with less hygiene
  • AutoDispose.rar: Ala Carte: Auto Dispose Dead Plants
  • AutoFertilize.rar: Ala Carte: Auto Fertilize Plants
  • AutoHarvest.rar: Ala Carte: Auto Harvest Plants
  • AutoWeedWater.rar: Ala Carte: Auto Weed & Water Plants
NOTE: Includes less Hygiene so users don't have to choose between this mod and "Less Hygiene" by Chaavik. The Hygiene in this mod is the same as in Chaavik's mod.

This mod will conflict with other mods that change autonomous or fun for gardening, but should be compatible with any that only change skill for gardening or change/edit the plants.xml.
List of XML files Altered:
  • DoFertilize_Plant
  • DoFertilizeAll_Plant
  • FertilizePlant_Plant
  • FertilizePlantAll_Plant
  • Harvest_HarvestPlant
  • Weed_Weeds
  • WeedPlant_Plant
  • WaterPlant_Plant
  • DisposeDeadPlant_Plant

Additional Credits:
Numenor for a most helpful post
Less Hygiene Decay From Garden Work - by Chaavik
Peter L Jones for S3PE