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Curious Little Cottage on the Hill (Starter home - Under 20K - No CC)

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Uploaded: 4th Oct 2012 at 4:18 PM
Updated: 4th Oct 2012 at 6:03 PM
Come on in, and take a look at this cute, pre-owned cottage ready for a family of four to five Sims, all at the low, low starter price of 18,572!

Why so low, you ask? Well, in the name of full disclosure, this Sim realtor must inform you that the last family who lived in the cottage just…disappeared. One day they were there, the next day they weren’t, almost as if a humungulous hand came out of the sky and snatched the little family from their beds in the dark of night…<shiver>. Well, enough of that! Since the average (non-cheating!) four to five member Sim family starts with about 20,000 simoleans, most any family should be able to easily buy this cottage, and have a little cash left over, besides.

This fully-furnished two-story, three bedroom home features a foyer, living room, kitchen with dining nook, first floor bathroom, and empty bonus room, suitable for transformation into a den, second bathroom, fourth bedroom…whatever suits your family. At the front of the home, there is a small partially-covered deck.

On the second story, you will find a master bedroom with a direct door to the nursery, a wonderful convenience, and a third bedroom furnished for two children (or two large, inappropriate guests/relatives/roommates ).

Technical Information
Built with a game patched to 1.38 (version, play tested to catch any problems, and scoured with Delphy’s Sims3PackCleaner (Custard) to make it shiny new, this big house on a little 20 x 20 lot is perfect for nestling into an otherwise annoying hillside in towns such as Sunset Valley, Bridgeport, Starlight Shores, or Moonlight Falls. Create a new 20 x 20 or larger lot, place the house on the lot, and then smooth the edges a bit with the Soften Terrain Terrain tool (Build mode -> Terrain Tools a-> Soften Terrain) and the house will look (mostly!) native to the spot.

Required Expansions:
Generations: Absolutely necessary because of the spiral stairs

Recommended Expansions:
If you don't have the following expansion packs, a few non-essentials will not appear in your game and will be replaced automagically. Sometimes the replacements are quite strange.
  • WA: a few deco items, ash tree in yard, some of the window treatments
  • Ambitions: some of the window treatments, master bedroom bed canopy
  • LN: cheap toilet, cheap sink, trash chute
  • Pets: calendar, antlers
  • Showtime: venue benches in kid’s room
  • SN: dresser in master bedroom

Recommended FREE EA Store Item:
The Wings of Kalliopi, the cool mirror on the wall in the master bedroom, from the free store set Kalliopi’s Gifts; since it's free, why not get it? Download here.

Recommended Custom Content: Two Lips and Snapping Dragons, cheap, cute, small tulips for the kitchenette table, not pictured; I replaced the tulips with a little base-game ivy plant prior to taking the screenshots and uploading. The tulips were created by me, download here from MTS.

I love thanks and welcome comments, and of course, please report any problems you have here in this thread.

Thanks for stopping by! Here's my card, go ahead, talk it over with the spousal unit, think about buying the house but don't wait too long or someone else might beat you to it!

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price:
Furnished: 18,512
Unfurnished: 14,303