Microphone For Visitors + Ownership And Autonomy Settings

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Uploaded: 26th Jun 2017 at 12:29 AM
Updated: 13th Oct 2021 at 9:35 PM - title
Inspired by the Simpsons episode where Lisa pretends to be a college student, I decided to make stand-up venue like Cafe Kafka for my game. Soon I realized, that uncontrollable sims can't use microphone. Not only they can't perform, they can't even watch (!!!), and ignore the thing alltogether. This was no fun.

With this mod installed sims will perform and be shy or confident at it. Others will sit and applaud or boo or do other reactions. Small stage works really well, audience will not crowd it up, because there's no tip jar with microphone.

One advice for building stand-up cafe: try not to put too many distractions on the lot, this way sims will pay more attention to the stage. I've made stage and coffee shop. Sims drink coffee, watch the show, talk to each other and occasionally view art works on walls. Cozy!

Choose only one version of the mod

Version A lets visitors watch, sing, do stand-up and poetry. Doesn't differentiate types of lots.
File: microphone-for-visitors-A

Version B lets visitors only watch. Doesn't differentiate types of lots.
File: microphone-for-visitors-B

Version C has built-in menu to switch between different modes.
  • Auto. Is set by default. No one but household members may perform on residential, fraternity and apartment lots (dorms count as more of a public area). Visitors may do so on other lots. Everybody may watch.
  • Family. Only household members may perform on any types of lots, but no one is restricted in watching.
  • Showtime. Full autonomy - anyone may perform and watch anywhere.
  • Off. No autonomy for anyone at all. User directed actions are allowed.
  • Personal. Only owner may perform. Selected sim may be assigned as a sole owner of a mic, so no one else touches it. Owner can be changed by player at any time (see pic).

File: microphone-for-visitors-C

Good news is it should be compatible with many mods that affect musical instruments. If you come across a mod that changes the same resources, then it WILL conflict with mine.
This mod should NOT conflict with:
  • Music autonomy overhaul by gummilutt
  • Music & Dance Fixes by Boiling Oil
  • NoAutonomousInstruments by Squinge
  • Practice Perform Changes by Cyjon
  • No Buskers by Pescado

Apartment life - that's where the microphone is from, I believe.

Additional Credits:
Creators of SimPE