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Harvestable Banana Plant (Updated 17 Nov 2015)

17,468 Downloads 702 Thanks  Thanks 202 Favourited 50,794 Views
Uploaded: 3rd Jun 2015 at 9:20 PM
Updated: 4th Jan 2016 at 3:47 PM


This mod requires CCLoader.

This mod contains a harvestable Banana Plant that produces Banana Ingredient.

If you have Showtime Expansion Pack (Optional ), this mod will replace the "Banana Tree" from the EP, but planted trees will still be available until you manually remove them. Also, you will still be able to plant the "old" Banana Ingredient to get your "Banana Tree" back.

Doesn't require Showtime Expansion Pack

Version 1.1, to avoid some reported problems this mod won't replace the "banana tree", from Showtime Expansion Pack, anymore. This way you will be able to buy both ingredients from the grocery store (The Banana ingredient from this mod contains a "*" in the name).

Additional Information:
- You can buy Bananas from the Grocery Store too.

Known Issues:
- To make the Banana's "Plant" interaction available, you need to add the fruit inside the sims's inventory.


Polygon Counts:
Banana: 600 vertices 800 polygons
Banana Plant Low: 700 vertices 1200 polygons
Banana Plant High: 1700 vertices 2200 polygons

Additional Credits:
s3pe, S3OC Blender3D, GIMP2
cmomoney, Arsil, Inge and Peter Jones
nrass - DebugEnabler
model from TS2 Castaway