EA plants with designable plant-part - 6 base game, 1 Late Night

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Uploaded: 21st Jun 2016 at 1:39 AM
Updated: 28th Jul 2018 at 9:06 PM
I proudly present to you: the common sense that EA lacks, in the form of 7 designable plants.

For everyone like me who does not accept that leaves don't often happen to grow checkered and that trees around your house usually don't care about the colour of your décor. Why did they give us the design tool and then restrict us with realism...? Let mother nature match our rugs and curtains, godamnit.

These are default replacements; the plants will still stay in their place and look like they always did, but have their actual plant parts enabled for the design tool.

Replaces base game plants:
  • Tigervine Plant - additional design option for the leaves
  • Ring-O-Posies Planter - two additional design options for the blossoms
  • Orchid Vase - two additional design options for blossom and leaves
  • Hanging Basket - additional design option for the blossoms

2 base game plants added
  • Philodendron - two additional design options for leaves and stems
  • "Hanging Fern" - two additional design options for leaves and ropes
    (It's not actually a fern, it's the blue hosta. Some EA person is confused about plants.)

    These two have a stencil on their first preset, so that the original texture stays an option (see last screenshot). Logically the plant isn't designable in that one, so choose one of the other presets if you wanna change it.

One Late Night plant:
  • Simply Dogwood - additional design option for the blossoms

Plus one extra: A custom version of the Philodendron, without the stencil.

Additional Credits:
Simlogical (S3OC, S3PE)
Gimp (yes, I did get it done without PS eventually...)

Cornelia Funke does deserve a credit for getting me through endless loading times.

I started it all because I wanted these as defaults. Eventually had to make mine from scratch because I couldn't get the other ones to work, but I still extracted some textures when the game just wouldn't take mine so thanks to Simmiller for saving my last nerves.