The overdue Maxis matching fences-and-stairs recolour set

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Uploaded: 22nd Jan 2018 at 11:26 PM
Updated: 6th Jul 2018 at 12:16 PM
Okay, I need to confess something. I've been hoarding. It's gotten bad. It must be a hundred little tweaks and fixes and defaults that are sitting on my drive by now, nevermind the wood recolour set of doom I'm constantly expanding. Recently I've gone into a deleting fit and gotten rid of everything that kind of matches something, but not really. Now I need to make at least a million recolours before I can ever contentedly play this game again.

Anyway, I'm alive and here's proof:

3 recolours of the "Holy Smoke Stairs" (80§) - you need these for them to work.
They match the 3 colours of the "InvisiBarrier Fencing" that come with the base game.

3 recolours of the "Tornado Solid Steel Fence" (59§)
One of them matches the Holy Smoke stairs.
One matches the Zecutine stairs.
One doesn't match any stairs - but a gate. The "Pigue Pen Gate" had this useless black recolour with no fence to it.
I added a 4th one to go with the "Stairway to Eleven" - for my stairs recolours or just for variety.

2 recolours of the "InvisiBarrier Fencing" (40§)
One is for the normal Zecutine Stairs. God how I hate not having matching fences.
And: I lied. The fence by Spaik I had linked doesn't really match the Stairway To Eleven or my "Stairway To Eleven"-style recolours. I added one that does, though.
I added a 3rd one to go with this. HL's description says it doesn't recolour the glass rail, but it does recolour the actual rail (minus glass). So this fence will match HL's rail with my clear glass in it.

3 recolours of "Zecutine's Step Away With Me Stairs" (100§) - you need these for them to work.
Eh, it's actually 2... but they will match all 3 InvisiBarrier Fencings anyway, because the default glass colour just happens to exactly match that blue fence.

2 more recolours that match the "Stairway To Eleven" stairacase
I like the Stairway To Eleven fence way more than the staircase, so here's a Zecutine and a Holy Smoke recolour to go with it.


I assure you that these are OCD-proof. They all have the texture, level of shininess, smell and what have you to go with the thing they were made for. If you don't know why you need three versions of one fence that are all black... delete two. But if you're anything like me, throw them all in and be happy.

Additional Credits:
EAxis, SimPE, Gimp...
HugeLunatic & Numenor for recolourable stairs