Pooklet'd Ulker N11 by trapping

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Uploaded 6th Aug 2016 at 5:02 AM

Pooklet time! I have a sim called Emma, and you can blame her for these. She was off on a fancy dinner date with her hubby Joel, and I can't send her anywhere without nice hair, so I ended up making these just so she'd have something new to wear for her date. I love braids, and I love sloppy buns, so this is a match made in heaven for me.

Originally created by Ulker, and converted to TS2 by the very talented trapping. Recolored as usual with Pooklet's base swatches, but unfortunately they don't come with braid textures, and I'm not nearly talented enough to make my own, so I'd like to give a nice big thank you to Almighty Hat for her generous policy and countless pooklet colors. The braid is borrowed from one of her recolors, without it there's no way I could have made this. If you ever want something pooklet, odds are she's done it.

I made a few modifications to the alpha, removing parts of the mesh. I didn't like the stray strands of hair that it has, primarily because it causes a weird transparency glitch making it look like there's a whole in the mesh from some angles, but also because I felt it made the hairstyle a little messier than I wanted it. I have included a picture showing which parts are removed in my recolors, so you can decide if that bothers you or not. I prefer it this way, but I understand that some may like the slightly messier but more realistic original version.

Pooklet scheme
As usual I have made this in the Pooklet colors I use.

Family 1: Dynamite, Depth Charge, Incendiary, Explosive
Family 2: Land Mine, Brisance, Volatile, Pyrotechnic

If anyone really wants the other pooklet colors, you are welcome to request them and when I have time I'll make them for you.

Technical information
- For females
- For ages child-adult
- Requires trapping's converted mesh (INCLUDED!)
- Binned
- Family'd
- Available in all clothing-categories
- Files are clearly named and have tooltips with the filename, so you should be able to pick and choose easily

Mesh information
Polycount is 27,180. EXTREMELY HIGH POLY For more information about polycounts and why they matter, see this article at the Sims Wiki. If you experience lag, you should probably not use this hair as it will strain your computer.

The mesh is called trapping-ulker-fashionista11-3t2-MESH. Thanks to trappings generous policy, I have included it with the recolors. If you aren't familiar with trapping's livejournal, I highly recommend you check it out. So many goodies!

- Pooklet for the lovely pooklet hair colors
- Iakoa for the GIMP curves I used to create this
- Ulker for creating the lovely mesh
- Trapping for converting the mesh to TS2
- Almighty Hat for the pooklet-textured braid I borrowed for the braid-section of this. It was from her pooklet recolor of Rose mesh D041 (Found here). Thank you for so being so generous with your work!
- Hypnotized Sims for the recolor I used to show my alpha edit (Their pooklet versions here)

Programs used
- Bodyshop
- MS Paint
- CatOfEvilGenius' tooltip adder (Found here. I highly recommend it, very useful tool)

What does family'd mean?
Family means that if your Sim has a hairstyle, and you switch from one haircolor to another, the game remembers the hairstyle and your Sim wears the same one but in the new color. It also means that when a Sim ages up, it'll keep the same hairstyle (if that age group is available).

What does pooklet'd mean?
Pooklet was a creator who created a set color scheme for hairstyles. Pooklet'd means that the recolors have been done in the pooklet color scheme, and will match other recolors that are pooklet. They are great if you want your Sims to change their hairstyle without magically changing the shade of their hair.

What is polycount and why does it matter?
See this great article on the Wiki for more information.

Hair Style: Shiny/Realistic Natural Colours
Maxis Flags: Not Applicable
Bin Type: Binned
Age: Child Teen Young Adult Adult

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