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I love Bon Voyage! Not everyone does, but I love sending my little simmies on vacation. Many years ago when I was new to CC I came across a mod by Carrigon which made vacation length options really long. Being able to let my Sims go on vacation for more than 7 days was awesome, but I didn't want my Sims to stay quite as long as Carrigons options let them. I was after more realistic options so I eventually set out to make my own version, and in the process I also discovered how to edit air fare costs, which is great because those make no sense to me either.

The way EA coded flight costs the trip will cost less if you book in advance, but you'd hardly even notice because the difference between booking now and booking 6 days in advance is only 200 simoleons (range is 300-500 simoleons). What's the point of coding it like that if it barely makes a difference if you book now or later? And the vacation lengths offered are three, four, five, six and seven days. Not the most creative, or reality-reflecting choices they could have made. I wanted things different, so I made them different.

What does it do?
This mod changes the cost of flights, and the options for how long your vacation should be. The options for length are now weekend (3 days), long weekend (4 days), week (7 days), weekend to weekend (10 days), and two weeks (14 days). I decided on these because those are the most common formats I see people choose for their vacations. If you want an option that is even longer, see below for information on how to edit.

For costs I made two different versions. The vacation lengths are the same in both versions.

I reasoned that vacations are a luxury and if Sims want to go experience new places, they should have to work for it. Additionally I enjoy making things more expensive, because I find Sims earn money too easily and then have no use for it once they earned it. So in this version, it will cost 3800 simoleons per Sim if you book a trip and leave now. If you book 6 days in advance, it will cost 2499 simoleons. The prices for days in between now and 6 days from now are calculated automatically by the game, so that each day in advance adds the same amount of discount.

Range: 2499-3800 simoleons per sim

No Cost
Do you think culture and new experiences should not be limited to rich people? Leave whenever you'd like, and bring as many people as you'd like, because SimNation has made flight fare free for all! Might I suggest a nice trip to the Three Lakes Camping for the full no-cost experience?

Range: None because it's free!

Do not rename the file! It has to be called UIText or the game will not recognize it.

This requires Bon Voyage. Compatible with all EPs.

May conflict with other packages called UIText. Will most likely conflict with other mods that change vacation options.

Only conflict I know about is Carrigon's extended vacation mod. If you find any others, please let me know.

How to edit
This is relatively easy to edit if you'd like other options than what I offer. All you need is SimPE.

If for some reason you can't use SimPE, or you find it too scary to try, you are welcome to ask me for help and if I have time I'll make the changes you want. But I encourage you to try, because I'm confident you can do it.

- Carrigon who made the first vacation length changing mod I used. I would link to her version that changes vacation lengths, but the site has been unstable so I don't have the link. But it's hosted on sims2workshop, so if the site comes back and any of you want her version that's where you'll find it.
- EA Games for the BV-logo I used in the thumbnail. Image is copyrighted by EA, but used under fair use-rules.
- gdayars for the idea to make a no-cost version

Hang on, didn't you upload this yesterday?
Yes, I did. But there was some kind of strange issue where the site kept rejecting the files so to give myself time to figure out the problem I decided to delete the original thread. Thanks a ton to Delphy who did his best to track down the problem. Problem is now solved, and in the process I managed to make it compatible with all EPs at once. So if you got this file yesterday, you might want to re-download. You don't have to, the ones from yesterday work fine too, these are just tidier.

Type: Fixed Global Mods

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