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5 Frugal Lane - No CC Home!

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Uploaded: 4th Aug 2018 at 9:02 PM
Long time, no upload.
I'm trying to get some of my backlogged homes up and this little IKEA heavy home is up next.
Frugal Lane is adding a fifth home to the street, heavy on reds, black, white and beige/sand.

This home would be nice for couple with a child or teen that have a limited budget. As usual with Frugal Lane, this home is under 20k and has two bedrooms, a study room (can be a hobby room or bedroom instead), two bathrooms, breakfast nook, walk-through kitchen and planned space for a driveway install when your Sims acquire the money. There is a radio, TV and bookcase to get them started for now and offer some options for fun while they work their way up! I hope this stylish home makes someone's Sims happy. :lovestruc

This home has:
  • 2 bedrooms.
  • 2 bathrooms.
  • Fire alarm, burglar alarm, and phone.
  • Study space with a desk and bookcase. Radio and TV in the living room.
  • Space for a future driveway install.
  • Minimal landscaping to keep the cost inside rather than outside!

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 19998