Horseshoe Triplex --no cc--

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Uploaded: 11th Jul 2019 at 11:41 PM
A cozy brick apartment complex with a cute garden and three apartments to choose from.

On the left is the "Shoestring" apartment. Not entirely bare of personal items, because that's just too boring. 1 bedroom. Rent is 860

In the center is the...I'm gonna go with, "Tropical Spaceship" apartment. Two bedrooms. Rent is 1,704

On the right is the "Ranch" apartment. I had to. Cuz Horseshoe. Two bedrooms, furnished to include a kid and a dog. Rent is 1,683

Just a very few notes
If you change it to residential the lot will cost 143,663

--Constrainfloorelevation false was used for a tiny little wall inside the roof that you will probably never see. It's a pretty straight forward building.
--Moveobjects was used and some things aren't snapped to grid, but the furniture works
--Every unit has a phone and a fire alarm, and a burglar alarm behind the fridge

A copy of the lot was play tested, but please message me if you run into any problems

Reccomended Mods
Rugs - zMOG!! Off Grid!! by HugeLunatic --You don't need it, but it's awesome, and if you don't have it some of the rugs will look funky until you pick them up and put them on grid
Trim Inaccessible Bushes by Cyjon --Or you could just let the landlord stand around stomping his foot all day

Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price (furnished): 860 to 1,704

Additional Credits:
- Lot size adjusted with LotAdjuster3.6
- Buyable Game objects by HugeLunatic
- Crafted Objects and Fish in Buy Mode by Ponderosa
- No Pause Frame by Nopke