Floodwater Family --no cc--

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Uploaded: 1st Aug 2020 at 11:51 PM
Built many years ago, across the street from a volatile shoreline. This house has seen some ups and downs--so to speak. A ramshackle construction, furnished thoroughly but modestly.

For those who love the water, but know she can't be trusted

Just a few notes
- No custom content included or required
- The lot edges are flat
- Constrainfloorelevation false was used to put the living room on a lower level
- Moveobjects was used and some things aren't snapped to grid, but the furniture works. They can't reach the teddy bear, but that was by design--they act annoying with it anyway
- There are two phones and a fire alarm, but not a burglar alarm

A copy of the lot was play tested, but please message me if you run into any problems

Reccomended Mods
- Rugs - zMOG!! Off Grid!! by HugeLunatic --You don't need it, but it's awesome, and if you don't have it some of the rugs will look funky until you pick them up and put them on grid
- Trim Inaccessible Bushes by Cyjon --If you don't want it you could of course just delete any problem bushes you run across.

Lot Size: 3x1
Lot Price (furnished): 50,985

Additional Credits:
- Lot size adjusted with LotAdjuster3.6
- No Pause Frame by Nopke