Change Starting Money in CAS

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Uploaded: 12th Sep 2020 at 11:33 AM
Updated: 11th Sep 2020 at 3:42 PM by Lyralei
The zip file contains multiple versions of the mod, each of which will cause the the created household to begin with a different amount of money. Please remember you may have ONLY ONE version of Change Starting Money installed at one time. If you want to use a different version you must quit the game, remove the version you currently have in your mods folder and replace it with the new version you want to use and then restart the game. These mods will conflict with ANY other mod that affects the CASLogic tuning including each other.

The following information is also included in the readme file contained within the zipped folder so you may easily refer to it at any time.

The default Sims 3 beginning money for households created in CAS is:
16,500 for the first Sim
2,000 for each additional adult
1,000 for each teen and child
500 for each toddler and baby
250 for each dog and cat
1,000 for each horse

Each version of this contribution changes these starting amounts differently.
From lowest to highest the versions are:

Destitute: This household will be lucky to be able to afford an empty lot and a few
necessities for life. Choose this only if you want a very challenging family to manage.
7,000 for the first Sim
600 for each additional adult
400 for each teen
200 for each child
100 for each toddler
50 for each baby
50 for each dog
25 for each little dog
25 for each cat
100 for each horse

VeryPoor: This household will be lucky to be able to afford an unfurnished house and a few
necessities for life. Choose this only if you want a very challenging family to manage.
9,000 for the first Sim
900 for each additional adult
700 for each teen
500 for each child
200 for each toddler
100 for each baby
150 for each dog
100 for each little dog
100 for each cat
500 for each horse

20K: a small boost over the Sims 3 default
20,000 for the first Sim
6,000 for each additional adult
4,000 for each teen
2,000 for each child
750 for each toddler
500 for each baby
250 for each dog and cat
1,000 for each horse

40K: a bigger boost over the Sims 3 default, may still not be enough for some lots
40,000 for the first Sim
7,000 for each additional adult
5,000 for each teen
3,000 for each child
1,000 for each toddler
750 for each baby
500 for each dog and cat
1,000 for each horse

60K: this will probably cover most lots
60,000 for the first Sim
8,000 for each additional adult
6,000 for each teen
4,000 for each child
2,000 for each toddler
1,000 for each baby
650 for each dog and cat
1,250 for each horse

80K: only the most expensive lots should be out of this household's reach
80,000 for the first Sim
9,000 for each additional adult
7,000 for each teen
5,000 for each child
3,000 for each toddler
1,000 for each baby
750 for each dog and cat
1,500 for each horse

100K: by Sims 3 standards this household will probably be considered rich
100,000 for the first Sim
10,000 for each additional adult
8,000 for each teen
6,000 for each child
4,000 for each toddler
2,000 for each baby
1,000 for each dog and cat
2,000 for each horse

InsanelyRich: This is the "I don't want my Sims to ever need to work" version
90,000,000 for the first Sim
1,000,000 for each additional adult
800,000 for each teen
600,000 for each child
400,000 for each toddler
200,000 for each baby
10,000 for each dog and cat
20,000 for each horse

Additional Credits:
Hope you enjoy. Credit to Six_by_Nine who created the More Money for CAS Families mod
for giving me the idea for this one. I was just going to use his mod until I saw the
note posted on it that it was not Pets compatible. I downloaded it anyway so I could
use S3PE to see how it was done. It was then a simple matter of extracting the right
resource from my version 1.69 gameplay.package backup and changing it to create each
of these versions.

Note: I discovered the More/Less starter money at the beginning mod by Michaeltjuhh
after I had already created these. After examining his files I see the big difference
between mine and his is that his gives you ONLY the amount shown regardless of the
number of sims in the household while mine adjusts it as detailed above.