Loading screen and CAS

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Uploaded: 12th Oct 2020 at 1:17 PM
Updated: 27th Oct 2020 at 11:33 PM
I have long wanted to make a gothic loading screen similar to what I did for The Sims 4 (you can see it https://bast-sims4.tumblr.com/post/...g-screen-sims-4 ( You can also see loading screens and CAS, or anything else in my tumblr https://bast-sims.tumblr.com/ )). And not just the screen. I plan to add something else, but later...

The set also includes a gothic black CAS. A solid background will allow you not to be distracted when creating a character and everything will be better seen on a black background.

My native language is not English, so I apologize if there are mistakes in the text. I do not always manage to translate correctly, therefore I also ask you to understand and help with translation if needed

This mod will conflict with any loading screen and touch replacement.

Package format file. Description in the game in Russian (For other countries in English, you can translate into your language like any other mod).

Additional Credits: S3PE Adobe Photoshop CC