Kelp Recipes for Mermaids and those who love them (Updated Jun-3-2021)

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Updated Jun-3-2021:
Italian Translation

Updated Nov-19-2020:
Translations for French, Dutch, and Japanese, and a default English for all other languages so that you shouldn't see a blank name. Sorry about that -- I didn't appreciate how translations worked.

One of the annoying details of Island Paradise is that Mermaids have a "Discuss Kelp Recipes" interaction, but there ARE no kelp recipes in the game. So I made some.

Here are four recipes:

Seaweed Salad: Cooking level 1, requires kelp

Miso Soup: Cooking 4, requires kelp and tofu

Grilled Fish Sandwich: Grillable, requires kelp and fish

Spicy Tuna Roll: Cooking level 7, requires kelp, tuna, and ghost chili

Sims learn these recipes as usual by purchasing recipe books from the bookstore.

You MUST have CCLoader (here ) installed in order to run.

Spicy Tuna Roll also requires Supernatural, since that is the expansion containing the ghost chili.

If you have icarus_allsorts's Ingredient Moodlets From Meals (here ), then Mermaids should get full hunger bars from eating these. I will note, however, that I have reports that if you purchase the recipes without fish in them from a vendor, Mermaids will get the regular 1/4 hunger reward.

Now, when your sims talk recipes with a Mermaid, they have something to talk about.