Stop Pointless Book Studying

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2021 at 11:15 AM
Updated: 27th Jan 2022 at 9:06 PM
Originally, Sims read skill books or do research as long as they're in a good enough mood and they aren't interrupted (by the player or a special event). Mods from this pack add further conditions:
  • skilling – makes a Sim stop learning a skill from a book after they have reached 10 points of that skill. Additionally, it fixes a bug that makes Sims give up studying special books (body, charisma, etc.) from the Bookshelf of Education (an education career reward) too early because they think it's supposed to be a fun activity;
  • collegeResearch – makes a Sim stop doing college research after they have filled their class performance meter.
Note that these mods do not ever hide the college research interaction or book/bookcase skilling interactions.

If you have the pre-release package (simNopke-stopLearningFullSkill), delete it before you install these mods.
Do not use the skilling mod with Education Bookcase Fix – my mod addresses the same bug. Note that after removing Cyjon's mod you may experience jump bugs just like after installing it.

Overriden resources
Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
Read - Start ReadingBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FE64A8D0x0000201B0x00000000
Sub - Is Skill? [Temp0=1 if full]Behaviour Function0x424841560x7FE64A8D0x000020640x00000000
Read - Start Reading - CollegeBehaviour Function0x424841560x7FE64A8D0x000020490x00000000
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