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Community Skills Mod

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Uploaded: 16th Feb 2019 at 8:47 PM
Updated: 18th Sep 2022 at 5:54 PM - UPDATE 3
UPDATE 3: Before this update, sims increased their hobby enthusiasm faster on secret hobby lots only if they were performing a continuous interaction. Now, they will also increase their hobby enthusiasm faster if they are viewing objects and so on.

UPDATE 2: This is an important update. I found out that visitors or NPCs who are paying via a ticket machine on a business lot do NOT increase their skills or hobby enthusiasm. The game actually simulates the increase of skills to determine whether customers decide to stay or continue paying for another hour. I really dislike this. From what I can see, Maxis did intend to make it so that customers would increase their skills, but seems to have scrapped the idea. In this update, I have properly enabled skill and enthusiasm gain for customers who are subscribed to a ticket machine, which is what Maxis should have done. Also, I found that Maxis allows visitors and NPCs to gain skills if they are engaged in the Impart Knowledge interaction, which is very cool and allows you to increase your friends' skills on your home lots without any businesses involved. However, they forgot to enable the same feature for hobby enthusiasm gain by making it so that sims would increase their enthusiasm if they are engaged in the Instruct in Hobby interaction. So, I have added the check which means this interaction is now very powerful and allows you to increase sims' enthusiasm even if they are visitors or NPCs. Finally, I have made it so that sims increase their hobby enthusiasm 25% faster on Secret Hobby lots. You may also be interested in downloading my Business Mod which makes customers actually pay for the ticket machine from their own pockets, so that your neighbourhood can have a proper economy. I see what Maxis was trying to do here: don't allow sims to increase skills/enthusiasm, but also don't make them pay from their own pockets, and simply credit the owner with money out of nowhere. I hate this, because not only does it destroy the economy, but it also prevents you from influencing the sims in your neighbourhood in interesting ways. For example, you open a gym and sims start visiting and working out, but they neither gain skills/Fitness/Sports enthusiasm, nor actually pay from their pockets, which is the case in an unmodded game. Business Mod makes it so that they have to pay from their own pockets, and this mod allows them to increase their skills and enthusiasm, which allows the player to change the sims in their neighbourhood.

UPDATE 1: I found a loophole. When you send your sims to an OFB ticket machine lot, if your sim does not subscribe, there are still a few interactions that the sim can perform which can increase skills/hobbies (Jump Rope or other self-interactions). I realized that the game does not check to see if the sim is currently subscribed to the ticket machine, it just checks to see if there is an active ticket machine on the lot. Now, the game properly checks to see if the sim is paying, and only then allows the sim to increase skills/hobbies.


The OFB Ticket Machine is a very cool object with an interesting ability: currently-unselectable sims who are currently paying through the ticket machine are able to increase their skills and hobby enthusiasm. Normally, sims can only increase skills/hobbies in residential or secret hobby lots. However, the ticket machine does allow payers to increase their skills/hobbies, too. BUT, the idiotic thing is that currently-selectable sims cannot increase their skills/hobbies even if they are paying. Do you see how stupid this is? Let's say that you opened an OFB gym business. A playable sim arrives and signs up, then goes to run on a treadmill. That sim, despite being a playable sim, can increase their Body skill for as long as they keep paying, because they are currently-unselectable. You can't see the skill bar, but it's actually increasing the sim's Body skill. Townies who pay, can also increase their skills/hobbies, the game does not differentiate at all. The game ONLY prevents currently-selectable sims from increasing their skills/hobbies. If anything, the game should specifically allow currently-selectable sims to increase their skills/hobbies. I actually believe this entire thing may be an oversight by Maxis, because the game actually checks to see if the sim is a visitor, and if so, allows payers to increase their skills/hobbies. The problem is that currently-played sims are NEVER considered to be visitors by the game, even if they are visiting a lot. So, that's why the game skips them.

This mod fixes this oversight, and allows you to send your sims to OFB lots and increase your sims' skills/hobbies. Don't forget you have to pay through a ticket machine to do this. This mod effectively makes community lots relevant in a very balanced way. It is balanced, because you have to pay. Time does not pass on community lots, so you are pretty literally converting your money into time. Business owners and employees of the current lot can also freely increase their skills/hobbies.

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get this mod.

Requirements: Apartment Life and M&G.

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