Lucky Shack Cards and Drink - Maxis Remodel

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Uploaded: 13th Jan 2022 at 6:17 AM
Come to Lucky Shack and try your luck at the luckiest card tables in town. Here you will find not only fun games to play, but you can also relax and unwind from a hard days work with your friends.

So far I've made over some of Downtown's restaurants, clubs, and bowling alleys. Each time I try and ensure that each lot serves a particular purpose. To that end, I needed a place for my sims to play cards. Luckily, Downtown ships with such a lot, Lucky Shack Cards and Drink. Unluckily, the lot is pretty lazily thrown together, so I rarely ever used it. That roof was obnoxious, and the structure had weird dimensions and a half executed western theme. It needed a facelift.

The new Lucky Shack Cards and Drink retains the original's corner lot profile, but doubles down (pun intended, I think) on what I will call its "neighborhood bar" aesthetic. This isn't the fanciest bar in Downtown, and, in fact, as the city expanded outward and grew vertically, Lucky Shack became a relic of the area's past. It is still a favorite watering hole for locals who have known the city for years, but the new arrivals prefer the more modern establishments up in the club district.

If you are charmed by the old stone and wood paneling exterior, step through the double doors into a piece of Downtown's past. The first thing that meets your eye is the old wooden bar, recently re-stained. If you ask nicely enough, the bartenders will put on your preferred sports game, but usually they like to show whatever movie is on TV. Left of the bar is the pool table in front of an old fireplace. To the right are the poker tables. The old-timers say the chairs used to match, but no one actually remembers if that is true. The arcade and vending machines were added a few years back to try and attract a younger crowd, but the dart boards have long maintained their spot in the corners by the tiny kitchen. Outside, the covered porch has a few tables, and chances are you'll be pressured into singing some karaoke after a few drinks. You might just enjoy yourself enough to come back, the owner's would certainly appreciate it.

As with many of my other community lots, the file includes a light amount of CC, all of which is visible in the screenshots and is considered "recommended but not required." The lot will function fine without it, but links are provided to all objects if you would like to install separately and play, as shown. HugeLunatic's "Rugs zMOG!! Off Grid!! was used and is recommended but not allowed to be included in lots. It is available here at MTS. Thank you to PineappleForest for the lights and to Crisps&Kerosene for the jukebox.

The file has been cleaned and a copy of the lot has been playtested and is fully functional. As usual, I recommend piqiwi's More Townie Sims Visit Community Lot mod if your game can handle it.

Part of my ongoing Maxis Remodel series. See my page for other remodels.