Esteban Diaz (Life is Strange 2)

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Esteban M. Diaz (Amador Plascencia/Yoshiaki Kawabata) is the father of Sean and Daniel Diaz, and a minor character in Life is Strange II (2018-2019).

Esteban hails from the small fishing village of Puerto Lobos, Sonora, Mexico, and can often be heard reminiscing about his plot of land back there. He is undeniably a car enthusiast with a particular interest in mechanics; he is a master automobile technician with an Automotive Service Distinction (ASD) certification, and runs his own auto shop.

Esteban is well-known as a loving and supporting father who nurtures his sons, and their ambitions and education, from buying Sean his prized sketchbook to helping Daniel with his maths homework. One of his strongest values is honesty, which he admires in his sons. He also has a childlike side to his personality, which shows in his banter with Sean, his vigorous gameplay on the Playbox, and his excitement for the likes of Halloween.