Ryan Lucan (LiS: True Colors)

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”For a guy who lives in the woods, I’m pretty good at this customer service thing.”

Ryan Lucan (born 14 September 1993) (Eric Emery) is a main character in Life is Strange: True Colors (2021).

Ryan is a resident of Haven Springs, CO; he was born there and has spent his entire life there. As a result, he knows very little about what lies beyond the town. His mother Ann was an insomniac who would often take him to the Black Lantern’s rooftop at night; she died in 2012. His father Jed would take him to the local mining site. He is a park ranger, a job that flourished from a teenage ambition.

Ryan is introverted and caring with a fond interest in nature and wildlife.

Ryan is one of two potential romances for protagonist Alex Chen, and is best friends with her older brother Gabe.

Original Mesh: Dr Pixel
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Type: Accessory
Outfit(s): Everyday, Formal, Athletic, Outerwear
Sex(es): Male Only
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