Blurry Skies

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Uploaded: 25th Aug 2022 at 5:31 PM
This is a set of cloudy and somewhat blurry default replacement textures for skies. It also features a matching moon replacement, and a sun hider.
The set contains:
  • Sky Lot Day – 241: a clear day sky in the lot view,
  • Sky Nhd – 241: a clear day sky in the neighborhood view,
  • Sky Night – 57: a night sky,
  • Sky Autumn – 89: an autumn sky (introduced in Seasons),
  • Sky Overcast – 158: an overcast sky when it's raining or hailing (introduced in Seasons),
  • Sky Snowy – 101: an overcast sky when it's snowing (introduced in Seasons),
  • Moon – Darker: a moon that matches the replaced night sky,
  • Sun – No Sun: makes the sun and its glow invisible.
The numbers in the file names correspond to the numbers of sky map textures from HDRI Skies they were based on.
Note that these are replacements, not skybox objects. That means they change the sky everywhere immediately – as long as it's not covered by a solid skybox.

If you have Seasons, any newer expansion pack, or Mansion and Garden Stuff installed, I highly recommend using the SkyFix to be able to see the moon.

Do not use with other default replacements which change the same textures. For example, do not use Sky Nhd – 241 with my Lot Sky in Neighborhood, or Moon – Darker with my Full Moon.

Overriden resources
Resource nameType nameTypeGroupInstanceInstance (high)
lotskymoon_txtrTexture Image0x1C4A276C0x1C0532FA0xFFFA1D2C0x686EEC91
skymap-autumn-day-highres-envcube_txtrTexture Image0x1C4A276C0x1C0532FA0xFFE735270x8F24E0E9
skymap-generic-day-highres-envcube_txtrTexture Image0x1C4A276C0x1C0532FA0xFF29BC920x8F8CC315
neighborhood-sky2-envcube_txtrTexture Image0x1C4A276C0x1C0532FA0xFF27170A0x2044AE6D
skymap-generic-night-envcube_txtrTexture Image0x1C4A276C0x1C0532FA0xFF7900880x81D251B1
skymap-overcast-day-highres-envcube_txtrTexture Image0x1C4A276C0x1C0532FA0xFF6E9EF90xC12F56A0
skymap-overcast-snow-day-highres-envcube_txtrTexture Image0x1C4A276C0x1C0532FA0xFFFFC97B0x6A4B42CB
lotskysun_txtrTexture Image0x1C4A276C0x1C0532FA0xFF7736D70x3970BB7F
lotskysuncorona_txtrTexture Image0x1C4A276C0x1C0532FA0xFF16EB3D0x7D50DC57
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