Dolphin's Business Adjuster -- Now With Freebie Purging 4/20/2006

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Uploaded: 6th Mar 2006 at 12:57 AM
Updated: 5th Mar 2008 at 3:00 AM - keywords
I've expanded this hack from the original versions. It currently has these options:

Blatant Cheats.../Add 25 business reward points - Gives your business owner 25 business reward points. That enables you to get all the business rewards without changing your current business' rank, as if your business owner had already earned the perks on another lot. Be sure to have the owner selected when you use this option.

Blatant Cheats.../Give me all gold badges - Gives the currently selected sim all the badges at the gold level. If you want finer control over this, I suggest the Maxis badge juicer, which has been extracted by LyricLee here.

Reports.../Customers - Shows information on all of your current customers. Right now this includes their mood, desire, and funds. This is the same as the access mood and access desire interactions, except that it is a lot quicker and covers everyone on the lot.

Reports.../Employees - Shows information on all your current employees. This includes their percentage chance to quit in the form of two percentages: the first is if they are paid (which is normally the case) and the second is if they are unpaid (if you run out of funds). The first percentage can be negative, in which case they have no chance to quit. How negative it is shows you how much you are potentially overpaying your employees. Note that these percentages appear to depend not only on what you pay your sims, but also your relationship with them (or, more precisely, their STR & LTR values about you.)

Reports.../Inventory - Shows a count of all craftable items in your selected sim's inventory. To be useful, this should be the owner of your business.

Reporter.../Spawn Reporter - Will spawn a reporter. This is similar to the badge juicer, except it won't silently fail if you already have a review. Instead, it will tell you that you already have a review, and ask you if you want to spawn the reporter anyway. Thus, you can always get a reporter if you want to, for example, go for the best-of-the-best award.

Reporter.../Enable Notification - If you select this option, the business adjuster will keep an eye out for any reporters, and will notify you, within 15 minutes, of when the reporter arrives. Once enabled, you get an option to disable notification. Notification starts disabled, and you have to enable it on each lot for which you want it.

Purge Freebies - Have you noticed that when you use the electrono ticket machine but grant someone free access to your lot, they get it permanently? Well this option makes them pay by clearing the list of signed-up sims. It will also have a side affect of causing everyone who is currently paying to be on your lot to go through the process of deciding if they want to sign-up all over again, so I suggest you use this option when your shop is closed.


Version History
2006-04-24: Added "Purge Freebie" option.
2006-04-09: Added Spanish translation (thanks to Tere_562). Also added a debug mode only menu option: spawn burglar. This will force the burglar to try to rob you. Since most people won't want this, I marked this as debug mode only, so in order to see it you must have testing cheats enabled and shift click the business adjuster.
2006-03-24B: Fixed a minor bug that prevented pictures showing up of a customer's desire in the customer report.
2006-03-24: Improved on the funds reported in the customer report. It will now only report funds less than $30,000, because the way I retrieve funds is only accurate at these levels. (If the sim has more than $30,000 to spend, odds are they aren't going to use lack of funds as an excuse not to buy anyway.) Also, formatting of the report is better, and it will tell you if you've got an unlimited funds townie.
2006-03-23: Added inventory report, added funds to customer report, and added reporter options
2006-03-11: Added employee report, removed robots and employees from customer report
2006-03-08: Added gold badge cheat, customer report, and fixed a GUID issue (see below.)

NOTE: - In my initial release I forgot to commit changes made to the GUID. As a result, it had the same GUID as the wooden sculpture it is based on, and replaced it in the game. I've fixed this, so now you can have both in your game. However, items you have already placed will revert back to the original object. If you already have the business adjuster on a lot in your game, you may need to delete it and recreate it before you can use the functionality described above.

*** Please read this if you are having trouble finding it in your game: ***
You can find the adjuster under sculptures for $1. If it doesn't show up, make sure you have custom content enabled. See this post for details. Also make sure you're putting the extracted package file in your downloads directory, not the zip file.

Note that if you post that it won't show up in your game but don't mention whether you've tried and understood these instructions, I won't respond. The least people can do is read the instructions before posting problems.

This hack is unsupported
I just don't have time for making hacks anymore. I believe the functionality continues to work as advertised, except that gold badges made after OFB aren't included in the give all gold badges cheat. Use the Maxis badge juicer or the insiminator for that.