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Slurm - "It's Highly Addictive!" - Also Specially Modified

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Uploaded: 24th Jun 2006 at 3:06 AM
Updated: 24th Jun 2006 at 3:27 AM
Introducing Slurm!

This replaces the Maxis Juice Can.

Please be aware that this object is still undergoing the testing process. It should work with the original sims 2 game without EPs but this has not yet been clarified.

I made this specially for fans of the greatest show outside this earth, Futurama!:-D

I have uploaded two versions.
Only install one of these versions. If you install both, it may crash your game.

The first is simply a retexture of the ordinary juice can.

The second is specially modified it so that it acts much differently to normal juice.


> This drink slowly saps 'Social' mood, this will make sims with 'free will' more likely to initiate conversation or be sociable with another sim. (Or party down with ‘Slurms Mckenzie’.)

> Slurm is pretty filling. It'll give your sim's 'Hunger' mood bar a small boost.

> As with any addiction-satisfying thing, the sims 'Comfort' mood will be slowly increased by this drink.

> Lets keep the party going. The juice will give a slight boost to the 'Energy' bar so that slurm-aholics can party through the night.

> Slurm boosts your sim's 'Fun' bar.

> Slurm slowly decreases your sim's 'Hygiene' mood bar. It does come from a giant worm after all...

> Slurm will slowly decrease your sim's 'Bladder' mood bar.

> This drink will slowly sap intelligence. It'll take around 10 cans to take your sim's logic down by 1 point. If they drink too much of this stuff they'll end up just like Fry. Don't say I didn't warn you.


I have made a new interaction for this item. This interaction will display a comical dialogue detailing the ingredients of Slurm. (See picture below)

Summary of Modifications:

+ Hunger
+ Energy
+ Fun
+ Comfort
- Social
- Bladder
- Hygiene

- Logic

'Read Label' Interaction

I've tried to make the modifications as fair and as balanced as possible so as not to ruin the normal game-play. I don't want it to be considered as a 'cheat' object.

Redistribution Policy

Please do not redistribute this object and claim it to be your own work. You may re-colour or edit this item but only for personal use.


I do not own rights to Futurama or any of its characters or other trademarks. Please don’t sue me, lol.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

All that's left for me to do is say that I hope you enjoy this as much as I have.
Best wishes.:-D