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No Dormie Classes

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Uploaded: 29th Aug 2006 at 4:23 PM
The way dormies wander off at random was mildly annoying in University. However with the addition of Nightlife, having dormies leave in the middle of the date is VERY irritating. Dormies are my personal playthings who exist soley to clean my dorm, do my homework, write my term papers, and be the target of my social interactions. So they dang well need to stay put!

With this mod, dormies no longer leave the dorm. It is OK to install it in a game where dormies are already at class. They will return from class as normal and not leave again.

INSTALLATION: Unzip it and put the package file in your Downloads directory or any subdirectory under Downloads, but see Known Conflicts below

COMPATIBILITY: You need University, of course. The test environment had both NL and OFB installed, but it doesn't matter whether you have them or not as they don't affect the dormie routines.

KNOWN CONFLICTS: Conflicts with twojeff's "Students Move Away From The Portal". However they can be used together as long as my mod loads after his. To ensure this, make sure both mods are in the same directory and that mine comes later alphabetically. The default names of "Students Move..." and "Truant Dormies" will ensure this happens. Loaded in this order, my dormie routine overwrites his. Playable sims will still move away from the portal. Dormies won't, but since they don't go to class anymore that doesn't matter.