Dr. Jekyll's Duality Potion

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Uploaded: 24th Apr 2008 at 6:35 AM
Updated: 8th May 2009 at 1:38 PM by Echo
Dr. Jekyll had discovered a chemical solution that separates all the good qualities in himself from the bad. Upon drinking the solution he transformed into the monster Mr. Hyde. After drinking the anti-solution he would revert back to his 'good' side. This drastic transformation even altered his appearance so that he became unrecognizable to those who knew him. Dr. Jekyll enjoyed the freedom that Mr. Hyde had, free from moral responsibilities and obligations, but he found that with time he started to transform into Mr. Hyde without taking the potion and it was requiring more and more antidote to transform back. Eventually this monster over took him and Dr. Jekyll ceased to exist.

Your sims can enjoy this little experiment of mine without all the nasty side effects! I've used Bobcatben's skintone potion (with permission) and created a 'creepy' skin, and a pair of eyes (the eyes currently don't change with the potion, I couldn't get that figured out in time, I might update) for your sims to enjoy. With this potion you can change your appearance without the nasty side affect of losing your moral compass. (ok, so I had planned on having it change his personality too, but I've been WAY too busy this month with real life)

Poor Mr. Humble....

In the package you get the potion, the skin, and the eyes. The potion shows up under Hobbies > Misc. The skin shows up in CAS, but the eyes are only available if you currently have my skin selected, neat huh?

My First Time: Photoskinning, making a skintone, and uploading something made from someone else's work.

Previous Knowledge: How to poke around in SimPE to figure things out, creating eyes.

Custom Content by Me: Hyde Skin, Hyde Eyes

Collaborative Custom Content: Dr. Jekyll's Potion

Compatibility: I've heard you need at least one EP for these mods to work, but I don't know for sure.

Nitty-gritty: Please don't reupload my creations anywhere. This one in particular, I feel is only half done but due to time issues I have to give it to you now. Also, don't clone it unless you get Bobcatben's permission first. He made it, ask him for it.

FYI: The skin that you get from the potion is NOT genetic. If your morally unstable Mr. Hyde forces himself upon a young lady any children she bares from the crime will NOT have the diseased look. If you make a CAS sim with the skin, they will have creepy kids. If a sim ages with this skin they will still have the skin, however every time you load the load (or go to a comm lot) the skin will revert back, unless you get Bobcatben's skintone preserver.


P.S. Leave notes, plz!

Additional Credits:
Bobcatben for permission to use his skintone changers. Kudos to HP for giving me a crash course on Photoskinning.