“Little Sister” crib – Update 2014-08-27, Pets version available

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Uploaded: 5th Feb 2010 at 1:21 AM
Updated: 2nd Sep 2014 at 5:18 PM
This is the little sister of the expensive EA crib. I changed it more than I had originally planned to (partly because I found the EA mesh was not that nice after all, partly due to technical reasons (you know how stubborn little sisters can be)), but it's still sort of “EA matching” in my eyes. I mainly did this because I play top-down and with expensive EA crib, I can never see whether there's a sim in it since the paravent is in the way .. and the cheap one just looks too much like something from a hospital. So, here's a non-frilly, useable, nice one.

Update 2014-08-27:

I’m extremely late to the post-Pets party, but I’ve fixed this now for Pets and later – post-Pets users, please remove the old version and use the “_rigfixed” one instead. This is confirmed to be working –*thanks to FakeHouses|RealAwesome for testing!

Update 2010-02-08:

In an attempt to get the stupid wallshadow to work, I fixed/changed a bunch of other things (but not the wallshadow, grr):
  • Remeshed the mattress so that it looks less like a brick
  • Reduced the poly count a little
  • Remapped the whole thing:
    - much less repetition
    - Channel #4 now does something useful (slates on the sides/front/back now separately recolourable)
    - dropshadow on the floor is now softer
    - mapping on the mattress and ruffle rotated by 90° so now vertical stripes will be vertical / back-to-front (unlike in the EA crib – which also means that with the same presets, this one will look different now)
  • Retextured again: slidery bits for the front now look a bit more real, the one-pixel line seems to be gone, more accurate shadows due to the remapping
  • Recompiled – bounding box should now be correct
  • Removed lots of unnecessary cruft from the package

The indoor wallshadow is still the old one, apparently it's not known how this works. And the mapping of the low-res mesh is now more out of whack than before, due to the remapping – I can't fix this at the moment, but, again, this mesh is only visible in-game while it's still loading, not during gameplay, so I don't consider this a major issue.

If you remove the old crib, you may need to "resetsim" toddlers or babies that were using it.

One-tile version:
HugeLunatic made a very cute one-tile version of this crib; it's available here.

All of the screenshots below are showing the first version.

Comparison picture (these are the default materials, same on both cribs):

Changes I made:

- removed the paravent and dust ruffle
- swapped the curved sides and bottom bits for straight ones
- made the little knobs at the top of the legs smaller, and less pumpkin-shaped
- made those slider bits (where the front part goes up and down) the same colour as the frame, instead of black
- slightly remapped it (argh) and retextured the whole thing (double argh)

My shadow texture is slightly lighter than the EA one – I had it matched but then I thought it just looked too dull. The mapping of the mattress and ruffles around the back and sides is unchanged (which means: a bit stupid, since it's rotated at 90°, but I only noticed that when I had entirely run out of patience).

Presets are the EA ones; it costs 280§ in game and has the same stats and catalogue flags as the original. Four recolourable parts (body, mattress, ruffle, and what used to be the top part of the dust ruffle in the original – now only used for the underside slates around the side in v2).

Made from base game 1.8.25 files.

Known issues:

- the indoor raytracing shadow is that of the original (see "knownissues" screenshot). I have no idea how to change this – if I find it too annoying on the long run, I'll either reclone it or, if I can figure out how, make it use my mesh instead.
- there is a one-pixel line across the entire shadow texture that's not in the texture (see "knownissues" screenshot) – I'm meanwhile pretty sure this is my game, not the object.
- the low-res mesh probably has mapping issues, but you don't normally see that mesh in game anyway. I can't recompile it at the moment, so I can't change this.

Please note that some screenshots show a slightly older version – the front side does stick out the bottom in the final one (because otherwise, there'd be a gap when it's closed). All of the playtesting screenshots show the final version.

Made in blender with the help of s3pe, s3oc, Aorta, SquishDDS, Photoshop, Milkshape, and S3 Object Mesh Tool.

Polygon Counts:
The high-resolution mesh has 750 faces, 1053 vertices. The low resolution one has 308 faces, 496 vertices.