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Highland Avenue Hideaway

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Uploaded: 22nd Aug 2010 at 10:58 PM
Highland Avenue Hideaway

Well, this is the house that “Cellular” built- or rather, the house that the movie “Cellular” inspired me to build. This is a detour from my usual “modern, green, minimal” homes that I’m a fan of. But, the home resonated with my aesthetics. It's charming and elegant with a touch of vintage. How could I not be inspired to build it?

This picture was the only reference I had to go on so I took liberties with the interior. But, I like the way it turned out; luxurious, yet simple, interiors, beautiful landscaping.... My sims and I are very happy with it.

The home is actually located in Westwood, an upscale neighborhood in southern California. Highland Avenue is in a completely different neighborhood-Highland Park...another affluent suburb of Los Angeles that was very much associated with Hollywood back in the 50’s. As far as the name...I just liked the way “Highland Avenue Hideaway” sounded. Enough of my trivial bantar. Here's the home. I hope you like it.

Amenities Include:
- 4 bedrooms
- 5.5 bathrooms
- Huge Greatroom + Den + Playroom/Loft
- Lush landscaping
- Large rear patio with pool
- Gazebo with hot tub

Objects/Sets NEEDED but NOT Included:
- Maxis Art Nouveau REC Modular Stairs by HugeLunatic
- Colonial Fireplace without Chimney by mia86
- Wall Window Seamless BASIC Set by Numenor
- Modern Georgian Manor Set by phoenix_phaerie
- Modern Georgian Manor Add Ons by phoenix_phaerie
- Tuscan Kitchen Set by phoenix_phaerie

Objects Used but NOT Included:
- Annie Modular Sofa Ottoman by blake_boy
- Maxis Rug Fix by HugeLunatic
- Wrought Iron Umbrella by tbudgett
- Manor House Collection: Garden - Tower Topiary by phoenix_phaerie

- For HugeLunatic's Nouveau Open Underneath Stairs to work you will need to place the script code in either your Scriptorium, or copy and paste it to your "Programs > Sims 2 > TSData > Res > Catalog > Scripts > modularstairs.txt" file.
- I've included a separate file with the recolors for this lot - "Highland Avenue Hideaway - REC". Please download and install these files before you enter the lot.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate the support. All comments are welcome and please click the "Thanks" button.

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: $239,217

Custom Content Included:
- x3 Stair wall fix (on top of Maxis split level) by JRW
- x4 Stair wall fix by JRW
- x4 Stair wall fix - medium wood recolor by JRW
- Arched Porch Entry by bradyseitz
- x1 Stair wall fix (near Maxis split level) by JRW
- Giggly Grasses by buggybooz
- The Mumbo Jumbo Grass by buggybooz
- Birch Tree Shrubby Larger by khakidoo
- Birch Tree Shrubby by khakidoo
- Nengi's Big Bougainvillea by Nengi65
- Nengi's Big Oleander by Nengi65
- Nengi's Huge Oleander by Nengi65
- Nengi's Slender Birch - tall by Nengi65
- Jumbo Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm
- Medium Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm
- Small Shrubby Shrub by HystericalParoxysm
- SONO-Outdoorset Plant - 04 by Tolli
- SONO-Outdoorset Plant - 06 by Tolli
- SONO-Outdoorset Plant - 07 by Tolli
- Lap of Luxury Loveseat by MsBarrows
- Outdoor Lantern by Numenor
- Outdoor Lantern - black frame by Numenor
- Alpha Fireplace by Tiggy027
- Fanciful Fuzzy Fern - Flowerbox 2 by macarossi
- Art Nouveau Open Underneath REC Stairs by HugeLunatic
- UpRite Column Corner Version by HugeLunatic
- Novellas Nouveau Bookcase - reversed by IndigoRage
- L9T Barely There Shower by lara9taylor
- Window Roof with Surround by macarossi
- Lap of Luxury Armchair by MsBarrows
- Madrid Chandelier by blake_boy
- VIP Deluxe Extendable Arch Side Straight by tbudgett
- VIP Deluxe Extendable Arch Top Straight by tbudgett
- Madrid Chandelier - wrought iron recolor by blake_boy
- Madrid Chandelier - light silver recolor by blake_boy
- Art Nouveau Fence in Medium Wood and Gold Metal by GiveTheNineARide
- Eric's Dark Floor by lara9taylor
- L9T Barely There Shower - Brass by lara9taylor
- L9T Barely There Shower - Silver by lara9taylor
- L9T Barely There Shower - White by lara9taylor
- Roof Recolor 10 by bradyseitz
- Chic Fence - White recolor by tbudgett
- Chic Porch Fence White by tbudgett
- Alpha Fireplace - white recolor by Tiggy027
- L9T Natural Bath Collection wall - Sagebrush by lara9taylor
- Limber Timber Deck Flooring - beige by Neveah223
- Guisti Tile Floor by mocha0030
- Interior Tile Collection by kittyispretty
- Silk Swagger by Kate
- Giusti Tile Wall by mocha0030
- Mosaico di pietra naturale by sims2download
- PROJECT: Tuscany "Siepe" by Jasiek123
- Neutral Elegance Wallpaper - comleaf by escand
- L9T Natural Bath Collection Wall - Ramses by lara9taylor
- L9T Haverton Wallpaper by lara9taylor
- Neutral Elegance Wallpaper - MPcomleaf by escand
- Neutral Elegance Wallpaper - stripes by escand
- Uprite Column Corner Version - White recolor by HugeLunatic
- Platinum Country Hot Tubby LLA recolor by LeeLuvsAud
- Art Nouveau Medium Wood & Gold recolor by GiveTheNineARide
- Shrubby Shrubs - Midbiscus Green No Flowers by HystericalParoxysm
- Shrubby Shrubs - Midbiscus Dark by HystericalParoxysm
- Gray Slate with White Trim by Neveah223