Moveable Solid & Glass Shelves with Upright Pieces for LN patched games

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Uploaded: 2nd Dec 2010 at 6:35 PM
Updated: 4th Dec 2010 at 12:33 AM by whiterider
This is a small set of shelves which uses the LN trick of allowing things to slide up and down walls. They can go on walls or, if coordinated with the legs from my versatile shelving sets, they can be used to create free-standing shelving units. If you're interested in downloading those please see my creator's page.

The shelving pieces have no footprint and can be placed anywhere. Each piece costs $10 and can be found in Buy/Surfaces/Miscellaneous.

*They will not slide off the grid when ALT is pressed. Something about making them slide up and down causes that function to no longer work so the shelves can only be placed at half-tile intervals.*

The full shelves have 5 slots and the half shelves have 3 slots. The upright pieces have no slots. The solid shelves have three recolorable channels and tile nicely. They will slide even when holding things on them.

The shelves will move to the height you want them whether they are against a wall or not.

For ease of purchase I have added the continuous buy feature to these shelving pieces along with the slide function.

This set includes 1 full shelf in solid material and in glass, 1 half shelf in solid material and in glass, and 1 upright piece in solid material and in glass.

I have tested the shelves in a fully patched LN game. You need the LN patch to make the shelves work correctly.

Credit and thanks to Jynx at Custom Sims 3 for figuring out how to get the shelves to slide and sharing the information with the S3 community Check out his wonderful sliding shelving here:

Photo Credits:
Little flowers on glass shelf - Cmomoney here at MTS
Magazines - LemonCandy here at MTS
Sun sculpture and curtain - HazuiTokage at Indigo
Tiny flower on wood shelf & aqua bowl - Heidi at Exotic Elements
Distressed wood pattern - Paint on paint by Guatla here at MTS
The other things are EA's or my own from Indigo

Polygon Counts:
For each shelving piece:
Faces 30
Vertices 40

Additional Credits:
Wes Howe - S3ObjTool
Inge & Peter Jones - S3OC & S3PE Delphy - Sims3Pack MultiInstaller