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Medieval Residential Lots - Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding

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Uploaded: 14th Dec 2011 at 11:49 AM
Updated: 2nd Feb 2012 at 1:24 AM
Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding
Residential Lots

Greetings, good gentles/ladies. We are The Merrye Makers - a group of eleven creators spanning all disciplines (clothing, lots, objects, etc.) offering for thy downloading pleasure a collection of medieval things most beauteous from Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding -- otherwise known as "Simdom Pudding".

For safety and for defense, small communities formed in Ye Olde Kingdom of Pudding around a central lord or master. Most residents lived on an isolated manor, consisting of a castle, a church, a village, and the surrounding farm land. King Crumplebottom awarded "fiefs" to his most important nobles, his barons, and his bishops, in return for their contribution of soldiers for his armies. In exchange for living and working on their land the nobles offered their peasants protection. Built of natural stone, manors were made to last. Their size was an indication of a lord's wealth. To all intents, each manor was self sufficient with its own water supply and food for the kitchen grown on the estate by those with green thumbs.

Most homes were cold, damp, dark, and smelly. City homes were made of stone brought in from nearby quarries. Simdom Pudding peasants lived in cruck houses with thatched roofs and straw covered dirt floors. Cruck houses had a wooden frame plastered with a mixture of mud, straw and manure. Their central rooms were open with a fire pit and smokehole in the roof above. Many peasant families ate, slept, and spent time together in very small quarters, rarely more than one or two rooms with no running water, toilets, baths or washing basins. Their hygiene bars were the color of the scales on a red dragon! Furniture consisted of wooden benches, long tables, cupboards and pantries. Beds were straw stuffed mattresses with low comfort ratings. They attracted lice, fleas, and bugs of all kinds. Bladder needs were met with buckets for toilets which were emptied into the nearest river at the start of the day. At night, animals were brought inside for safety. Each peasant house had a small yard surrounding it with a garden to supply the family with autumn salad.

Lot detailsLot SizeEP requirementsCCStore itemsMade by
Medieval Peasant Hut10x15WA/AMB/LN/GENNoYesSimmyRN
Medieval Starter 110x15WA/AMB/LN/GENNoNoSimmyRN
Medieval Starter 215x15WA/AMB/LN/GENNoYesSimmyRN
Medieval Starter 315x15WA/AMB/LN/GENNoYesSimmyRN
Medieval Family House20x15WA/AMB/LN/GENNoYesSimmyRN
Greater Snoring Mini Village40x30WA/AMB/LN/GENNoNoSimmyRN
The Medieval Village50x50WA/AMB/LNYesNoxNikki
The Medieval Barn Part One20x15WA/AMBYesNoxNikki
The Medieval Barn Part Two20x15WA/AMBYesNoxNikki
Castle Crumplebottom40x40WA/AMB/LN/GENNoYesSimmyRN