a Little Dream

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Uploaded: 27th Jul 2012 at 3:58 PM
Oooooops, looky. Another house from the Finn!

This is something I was building for my own fun, but happened to show at chat, and once again got told I should upload it. Well, that's fine, I actually wanted to.

a Little Dream is a small cottage, that consists of an open kitchen/living-/diningroom combo, a bathroom, and a bedroom in second floor. There is just enough room for two sims to start their life together.

You can see in the pictures, that two of the dining chairs are not "properly" placed with the table. The one slightly rotated causes a routing issue if the sim wants to sit on it, but if it bothers you, just take hold of it and snap it against the table. For me, the look and feel was more important.

The lot has been playtested. It's base game only, and you don't need to download any CC to use it (please see the credits though).

Lot Size: 10x15
Lot Price: 16957/13049

Additional Credits:
Buzzler, for comments when making the lot the first time, comforting me when I lost it, being such a critique when I rebuilt, and for the mental image when I finished. And as usual, for the awesome mods I used when building this.
Granthes, for the Curtain mod
Velocitygrass, for the Stencil mod