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Full Sim Photography Options Without World Adventures

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Uploaded: 29th Sep 2012 at 10:32 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2012 at 1:50 AM - Formatting to bring attention to the fact this edits skills.xml a commonly tuned file.
This download is only compatible with games patched to version 1.38 and 1.39 without World Adventures. If you have World Adventures it will remove functionality.

Mod Description - This Mod REQUIRES another MTS Mod. See Bottom of Page.

The tiny size of the cellphone camera photos and limited zoom range is extremely limiting when using ingame photographs to decorate your Sim's homes. This mod unlocks the superficial features of photography from World Adventures in games without the expansion pack. The resulting photographs can be sold for money or used to decorate your Sims' homes.

I have left the cellphone camera unchanged, therefore it is necessary to download the World Adventures cameras for your game. See link at the bottom of the page.

The new photograph options unlocked when using a camera with this mod.
Small PortraitColor
Medium LandscapeBlack & White
Large PortraitSepiatone

Other new functions include...
  • CameraMedium & CameraExpensive will also have enhanced zooming, far in excess of any zoom available to Sims in the BaseGame.
  • Camera photographs will have a value depending on size, style & camera. You may sell photographs.
  • Camera photographs will cost 25§ to take.
  • "Ask to Pose" is available on sims if your sim has a camera in inventory.
  • You will be able to put the photos on the wall with CAStable frames.
  • The photos fit much better than cellphone photos in electronic photo frames. Ambitions only.
The following WA Photography functionality is NOT unlocked by this mod...
  • Photography Skill/XP/Career - See below warning for anyone who may try to unlock the skill by other methods.
  • Photography Collections/Opportunities/Achievements
  • Photo valuation dependent on sim skill or photograph subject

Warning - If You Do Not Read You Could Crash Your Game

There are no photograph collections or photography skill in this mod.

I have removed all the levelling up functionality from taking photos, therefore this mod is safe and will notcrash your game.
If you attempt using other mods to give your sims the photography skill whilst using this mod you will cause the sim to crash and you will not be able to click on any object with your sim.

It is impossible for me to add the features I have deliberately left out so please do not ask.

You have been warned.

Once you have installed Zerbu's World Adventures Buyable Cameras (see link below) you will be able to find the cameras in the Buy Catalog in the Hobbies/Entertainment category.
There are three cameras with various prices and different features.
CameraPriceSizesStylesZoomPhoto Value Multiplier
CameraCheap250§Small/MediumAll StylesMinimum0.7x
CameraMedium850§All SizesAll StylesMedium1.1x
CameraExpensive3250§All SizesAll StyleMaximum1.4x

Mod Conflicts
This mod is an XML tuning file mod. It does not add any code to the game. It requires game version 1.38. It will conflict with anything that edits Skills.xml. See below infobutton.

Required Files
Make sure you also visit Zerbu Unlocked Cameras These cameras are required for the mod to work and therefore you will need to read the info available on them.
When used with this mod, World Adventures is not required for their download & I have tested the cameras on patch level 1.38.

Additional Credits:
Zerbu's Unlocked EA Cameras - http://www.modthesims.info/d/484107
It is possible that other mods that unlock the cameras might work (if such exist). However, it has only been tested with the ones on MTS.