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32 New Wood Patterns!

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Uploaded: 31st Aug 2013 at 4:28 AM

I got a little crazy, and made a set of wood patterns. 32 patterns to be exact...

You can divide that number by two though, cause I made 2 orientations of each pattern. So yea, 16 new patterns, that come both vertical and horizontal!

Pattern Info
This is once again such a huge set, so I've had to post the patterns in to 4 sets/files, for your convenience. You don't need to download all 32 patterns if you only like a few, and if you use them in your uploads, the downloader doesn't need to get them all either. Below is a table of the info, linking to individual set posts in this thread, that have the detail pictures of each pattern.

cgtextures.com for a great collection of textures.
HP's Pattern tutorial for learning and reference.
Deplhy's Pattern Packager for really easy packaging of multiple patterns in a row.