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Resources for Hidden Springs's various Fixes

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Uploaded: 21st Dec 2013 at 7:16 AM
Updated: 21st Dec 2013 at 7:36 AM
Another week, and yet another world fix. This week, I bring you fixes for Hidden Springs, the alpine-themed Store World.

WARNING! The fixes won't be visible on pre-existing Saves, you have to start New Game based on the fixed world.

What was done?
  • Yellow dots, lines and squiggles denote routing paint. Either for blank spots, disjointed routing splines or steep areas (shown in Red in the image below) where Sims & Pets have the potential to get stuck.
  • Blue dots denote intersections where the roads are either re-connected to the Intersection or an Intersection was added at the end of the roads in the rural areas.

  1. From EA: Hidden Springs
  2. From MATY: s3rc-win
  3. From Simlogical: S3PE
  4. From MTS: Jonha's Any Game Starter (optional)
  5. From NRaas: Twallan's Porter (optional)
  6. From my Google Share: Click to download the run.bat file. This file contains commands I simplified for you. This is not necessary if you already know how to recompressorize - just do what you normally do. If you decrapify your items, then you may need to decrapify this download, as well.
  7. The fixed resources ie, this download

Remember also that any mods and programs listed here are supported by the respective modders/developers of each item. Not by me. So, if you encounter problems using the mods/programs, please read their download threads and ask your questions there.

Before you begin
  1. Make a Backup! Game Help:TS3 Back Upswiki
    • Store this backup away from the user Documents path - like an external USB stick, external HDD, sync it to your cloud, give it to your friend to store. Anything that is outside of the computer system, in case you need it back and you messed up the one in Document so bad there's no recovery possible!
  2. Prepare the Porter! Porterize your favorite Households before you do the steps below.
    • Reminder that I don't guarantee that the transplanting procedure would be successful in a fixed world. So if you run legacy games you might want to test this in a different AGS profile

  1. In the User Documents path, do a backup of your The Sims 3 folder. If you have not installed the Hidden Springs world, install it now. You might want to use Twallan's Porter to transfer your household(s) to a new game, because the fixes are only applied when a new game is started. They won't appear on a pre-existing Save.
  2. Download and extract the Recompressor linked above from MATY. Copy and paste the s3rc.exe into the InstalledWorlds folder.
  3. Download and install s3pe.
  4. Download the run.bat file from my blog and place it in InstalledWorlds folder. Double-click the run.bat file.
    • Each world that was processed would have such a message to indicate it has been "fixed" -
      C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\InstalledWorlds\Hidden Springs.world - fix only
    • If all goes well, you should get the following line in the Command Prompt window. You can close this window now.
      All files processed successfully. Press any key to close this window.
  5. Download the 7z file and extract the contents somewhere. There should be 243 files. The Resource Types that were edited are:
    • 0x05CD4BB3 (World - Routing info)
    • 0x05DA8AF6 (World - Routing info)
    • 0x033B2B66 0x00000001 (?)
    • 0xAE39399F 0x00000001 (World geometry)
    • 0x9063660E (World Roads & Walkways)
    • 0x01661233 0x00000002 MODL scene Object Model (aka Object Geometry)
  6. Open Hidden Springs.world from InstalledWorlds folder in s3pe. If you get an error about a "Found DBPP" error, means the run.bat was not successful or you have not done that step. Try it again.
  7. Import the resources you extracted in (5) above and replace.
  8. Save in S3PE and quit.
  9. Launch the game and start a new game based on the Hidden Springs.world.

Q: Will this show up in my existing Saves based on Hidden Springs?
A: It depends on what patch version you're on. If 1.42 and later, then no, which is why I added the WARNING! above. You would need to start a totally New Game and then select the World (with the fixes imported).

Q: When I open the Hidden Springs.world file in s3pe, I get an error: "Expected magic tag 'DBPF'. Found 'DBPP'.
A: Have you recompressorized? If you don't know what that means, have you downloaded and double-click on the run.bat file? Perhaps read the Steps section again?

Q: I'm on a Mac, will this work for me?
A: I don't have a Mac to test. I've been using virtual machines to test, but I've run out of harddrive space. I'm still doing some system maintenance and reorganizing my partitions. If you try it, please do share and let us know...

Additional Credits:
Inge & Peter Jones for the s3pi library suite of programs.
Pescado for s3rc.
stormchaserone for the gifted world.
The world's testers.