Find All Jobs in Newspaper or on any Computer

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Uploaded: 8th May 2014 at 9:40 PM
Updated: 14th Jun 2014 at 5:18 PM
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If you have ever had your sim look for a job or career in the newspaper or on a computer, you've probably been disappointed to find out they only list 3 to 5 jobs per day and you must check back day after day to find the one you want. Yep, that got old pretty quick. So I changed the 3 to 5 value and made them all 20. Now when your sim looks for a job, whether in the newspaper or on any computer, there will be 20 job listings (if available). Availability depends on which Rabbitholes are in the current world and if you're using any custom careers. Default careers are 12 or 13, leaving you with room for 7 or 8 custom careers.

Jobs/Careers vs Active Careers
It seems many people are confusing Jobs/Careers (Rabbithole oriented: Athletic, Business, Science, etc) with Active Careers (Firefighter, Private Investigator, Ghost Hunter, etc). I originally intended this to be for Jobs/Careers which would include custom careers using NRaas Career mod. To avoid further confusion, this mod now displays up to 20 of each type.

Jobs/Careers: Medical, Criminal, Political, Culinary, Law Enforcement, Music, Military, Science, Journalism, Business, Professional Sports, Education, School Elementary, School High, Film, Fortune Teller, Video Game Developer, Sports Agent, Art Appraiser, Astronomer, BotArena, Horseman

Active Career/Profession: Daycare, Singer, Architectural Designer, Investigator, Acrobat, Ghost Hunter, Magician, Lifeguard, Firefighter, Stylist

Patch and Conflict info
This is a Tuning Mod created with patch 1.67 which edits the following resources and will conflict with any other that edits the same:
  • Newspaper_0x95f81cdac3c99271
  • Computer_0xd31a7e9da0865e6c
  • ComputerLaptopModern_0x8a09824a72b2ee3d
  • ComputerExpensive_0x3137aba9f5aa12e3
  • ComputerLaptopVenue_0x34205fe456faa589
  • ComputerLaptop_0xb60662ede7d8c440
  • ComputerCheap_0xc205c4f1ebb85d85
  • HoloComputer_0x4fe2af9f08c6ffc8

Additional Credits:
pljones for S3PE