Graham Kraus

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Uploaded 26th Nov 2015 at 8:06 PM

Woo hoo, I've been gone for so many months. But I finally have a laptop now, so I can upload sims and homes again.

Graham enjoys chilling outside. He's good with doing almost anything outside, but his favorite thing to do is swim. He really would like to live in a tropical area. He also enjoys gathering whenever he's out. He hopes to make a personal 'museum' one day, full of his prized catches and trinkets he finds. He is quite enthusiastic. He enjoys talking about the outdoors, and he gets very hurt feelings if someone insults him for any reason, especially if it pertains to his hobby.


eco friendly (ambitions)
loves to swim (Island paradise)
loves the outdoors


Contacts (by Breyete)
Eyebrows 6 (by Wundersims)
Facial Hair (by Creaturefear)
Stealthic hysteria hair by Beeverhausen
skin (ESkin-nAtural tan default by teru k)

Custom content/clothes note:

The skin I used on Graham is default, but he should look good with any skin, though his features may be slightly altered.

His clothing comes from Supernatural, town life stuff, pets, and showtime.


sliders for chin width, brow thickness (by bella3lek4)
chin cleft (by mybluebook)
Body Sliders (by Jonha)

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the CC creators!

Tags: #outdoors, #fishing, #gatherer, #green eyes