Rafał Sawicki - Would-be Student

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Rafał is your typical fashionable, intelligent, studenty type of guy. He never quite left his studies at school and is as at home with a paintbrush or a book in his hand.

Rafał again has been in my game for a little while now. I set myself the task of making an attractive, unique sim from.....well, the notorious Puddingface! I don't think he's really recognisable as Puddingface anymore, thankfully! I've grown quite fond of him so I hope you like him

Rafał like my other sims, is 100% base-game. His clothes are quite Sims Generations but he comes packed with basegame default hair, clothing and skin so fear not! He is a perfectionist though so he'd really like it if you had a look at the following to make him just right:

Hair: The Sims Store
Eyebrows: Heiret(No.2)
Skin: Club Crimsyn
Eyes: Club Crimsyn
Glasses (these are so over-used in my game!): Tamo

Slider Mods:
Awesome Mod(x2 Sliders)
Jasumi's Lip Fatness Slider
aWT's Jawline Set
aWT's Lip Set
aWT's Nose Set


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