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Vines for Fences-Morning Glory and Seasons of Ivy

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Uploaded: 14th Apr 2017 at 3:19 AM
Updated: 14th Apr 2017 at 12:37 PM
Truly lush gardens are replete with plants.
They fill flower beds, cling to walls and trellises, and drape themselves gracefully over fences.

You can enjoy all these features in your Sim garden, except for one.
With no plants provided for them, your fences, until now, have remained sadly bare.

Bring back the color, the flowers, the beauty of vines to your dividing walls and fences.
With the Vines for Fences Set you get five variations of Morning Glory plants in bloom and six shades of Ivy as different as the seasons to decorate your fences with.

Go ahead, give your fences a floral makeover!

Note: The vines will work for medium sized fences and several of the tall fences.

Note: Vines can be placed so as to be see only on one side of the fence, or back to back so they are visible from both sides (See the image among the pictures.).To place the vines you will need to use the bb.moveobjects cheat.

Sims 4 Studio
Maxis Mesh by EA
Mesh Edits and recolors by me.
Flower design by me

Polygon Counts: