Party and Celebration Mods

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Uploaded: 16th Jul 2018 at 6:39 PM
Updated: 3rd Apr 2021 at 8:39 PM - UPDATE 10
New Parties Mod: This mod adds new parties to Sims 2:
Formal Party: This is exactly like House Party, the only difference is that sims will arrive in their formal clothes.
Pool Party: This party is a bit more special.
- You need a pool ladder on your lot to be able to throw this party.
- The outside temperature needs to be exactly 0 or higher. Temperature in Sims 2 ranges from -100(extremely cold) to 100(extremely hot).
- Sims will arrive in their swimwear.
- Sims will be a lot more likely to spend time around the pool during the party. They will be more likely to use the pool ladder, pool slide and the diving board. The lower the sims' fun motive, the more likely they are to do these activities. Active sims are even more likely to get in the pool.
Slumber Party:
- Only teens can throw this party, and they can only invite other teens.
- You can throw this party between 7pm and midnight.
- Sims will arrive in their sleepwear.
- Police cannot end this party.
UPDATE 10: Fixed an error with the pool slide.
- Sims are more likely to get inside the pool if their body temperature is high now, but you need my Temperature Ad Modifier Mod to enable this feature.
- Townie guests may now also donate during a campaign fundraiser.
- Ghosts won't pay your sims at the end of a Campaign Fundraiser any more.
UPDATE 7: There is now a new version of the mod called NewParties-PayVersion. In this version, your sim needs to pay 500 simoleons to be able to host a wedding party, and 75 simoleons to host any other party. New Year's Bash is free. If your household has less than the required amount, the sim will say that they don't have enough money to host the party. This text notification is only available in English. If you play the game in a language other than English, you'll want to translate the text. Here is how to do it:
- Open the PayVersion in SimPE, click on the resource called "Dialog prim string set", click on line 0x0015(21), then click on the language box above and change to your language. Now, translate the text, click Commit and save the mod.
- Sims need to be at level 4, instead of 6, of the Political career to be able to host a campaign fundraiser now.
- Sims need to have 1000 simoleons or higher in their household funds to be allowed to donate at the end of a campaign fundraiser.
- During a bonfire party, the party score will only be decreased once when there is less than one hour left in the party.
- Sims need to be somewhat close to a bed to be able to initiate the Pillow Fight interaction now. Adults and Elders are less likely to initiate this interaction.
- If there is at least one and a half hour left until the end of a bonfire party, and no bonfire object has remained lit up until that moment, then the party score will be drastically decreased. Make sure you light the bonfire during a bonfire party.
- You can't invite stray animals to parties any more. Maxis forgot to add this check.
- Police can now end the Slumber party, but cannot end the new Campaign Fundraiser party.
New Party - Campaign Fundraiser:
- Only sims who are at level 6 or higher in the Politics career can throw this party, and only between 19:00 and midnight on Fridays. This means that this party can only be thrown once per week.
- Guests will arrive in their formal clothes. You can only invite young adults and older, and you cannot invite pets.
- What is unique about a campaign fundraiser is what happens at the end of it. When the campaign fundraiser ends, your guests will donate money to your household depending on a number of factors. Townies won't donate any money, because townies don't have funds in the Sims 2. How much playable sims will donate depends on the following factors: the final party score, whether the sim is friends/bfs/bffs/enemies with the host, whether the sim is furious at the host, whether the sim is Hard-Worker/Unemployed. Each guest is allowed to donate any amount from 10 to 750. After the money is awarded, your sim's job performance will also be slightly affected by the final party score.
UPDATE 4: Fixed a small oversight which prevented teens from getting the intended boost to Pillow Fight and Hang Out during a Slumber Party.
UPDATE 3: This update adds a new party.
New Party - Bonfire Party:
- You need a Bonfire object (from University EP) found in the Misc>Party category on your lot to be able to throw this party.
- You can throw this party between 8am and midnight.
- Sims will be a lot more likely to perform bonfire-related activities during the party.
UPDATE 2: This update changes a few things about the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party.
- The sims to be summoned need to have more than 0 STR towards the host. In other words, the host needs to have already met some sims who fit the selection criteria, and needs to have made at least some sort of good impression.
- If you throw the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party in Downtown, then the game has a chance to bring the Diva (of the appropriate gender) to your party, but the Diva also needs to have more than 0 STR towards the host. If the game chooses to bring the Diva, then ONLY the Diva will appear. The game is also more likely to bring Downtownies if the party is hosted in Downtown. If the party is hosted in a non-Downtown neighbourhood, the Diva won't appear and Downtownies have a low chance to appear. The game will most likely choose a regular Townie to bring. Don't forget that if the party is hosted in a Vacation neighbourhood, then only Vacation Locals of the current neighbourhood can appear.
- Vacation Locals will arrive in their regular clothes.
UPDATE 1: This update adds a new party and also changes a few things about the existing parties.
Pool Party: You can throw this party if the outside weather is higher than -30 now, instead of 0 or higher.
Slumber Party:
- You can now throw this party only between 10pm and 2am so that it lasts overnight.
- Teens in a Slumber Party will be more likely to perform the Hang Out and Pillow Fight interactions with each other.
- Sims who are invited to a Slumber Party will arrive with their energy motive around half green, so that they may decide to sleep if their energy decreases even further. Maxis made it so that the party score depends on how many STR/LTR points are gained and lost between party guests. This means that normally sims who are sleeping cannot contribute to the party score. I added additional code that makes it so that if there are teens sleeping during a Slumber Party, the party score will increase, but slowly. The main point of the Slumber Party isn't to sleep. Where is the fun in that? The main point is to sleep AFTER having fun.
New Party - Bachelor/Bachelorette Party:
- You can throw this party between 7pm and midnight.
- Only engaged Young Adult/Adult sims can throw this party.
- You can only invite sims who are young adult and older, and who are the same gender as the host. You can't invite your fiancee. You can't invite pets.
- During a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, there is a chance that the game will summon two extra sims to the party. These sims will arrive in their formal clothes and will already have a love potion effect on them. So, this is a bit like the party dancer feature from Sims 3. The sims must also pass certain requirements for the game to consider choosing them:
- The sim needs to be a Young Adult/Adult Townie.
- The sim cannot be a Vacation Tourist. If the current neighbourhood is Vacation, then the sim needs to be a Vacation Local of the current vacation neighbourhood. If the current neighbourhood is non-Vacation, then the sim cannot be a Vacation Local.
- The sim needs to have the Romance aspiration.
- The sim needs to have 500 or more Outgoing and Playful.
- The sim cannot be in a committed relationship (steady/engaged/married) with anyone.
- The host needs to have more than 0 gender preference for the sim's gender.

Toasting Set Mod: This mod fixes a number of issues with the toasting set that came with Celebrations Stuff.
- There is a Maxis oversight that causes the game to heavily decrease the sim's bladder motive when a sim drinks from the set. This is why sims usually leave the party after toasting, or pee themselves. This is fixed.
- There is a Maxis mistake which sometimes causes the toasting set to error. This is fixed.
- Sims will not autonomously dispose of the set any more.
- Sims will not autonomously initiate the Toast to the Newlyweds interaction if the toasting set has been used at least once for toasting, so that they don't spend the entire party toasting over and over again.
- Sims who are off-lot or ungreeted guests won't appear as pie-menu options for toasting any more.

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Requirements: You need all EPs.

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