Baby, Toddler and Pregnancy Mods

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Uploaded: 19th Dec 2020 at 4:21 PM
Updated: 27th May 2021 at 6:51 PM
Baby Toddler Mod: This mod fixes a large number of issues with babies and toddlers, and also finishes and adds Maxis' unfinished Breastfeeding interaction to the game.
- Young Adult and Adult female sims who currently have a baby are now able to breastfeed. The interaction is taxing on their Hunger motive, but increases Comfort and also very quickly increases both the mother's and baby's relationship (both STR and LTR) towards each other, making this interaction very appealing for sims who want to increase their relationship with their baby. Sims will autonomously breastfeed, but they need to have somewhat acceptible motives and mood to consider this. If the sim is able to breastfeed and has acceptible motives and mood, they will not autonomously give a bottle to babies, rather they will breastfeed.
- Here is the worst thing about baby and toddler related code in the Sims 2: Maxis never updated their code to account for changing tables and cribs other than the base-game changing table and crib. This means that the majority of the code in the game cannot recognize the Freetime changing table and crib, and also all custom changing tables and cribs. This is a very serious issue. This mod fixes this idiocy, and now the game can recognize all cribs and changing tables. This means that when a sim considers putting a baby/toddler in a crib, or considers changing their diaper, they will actually be able to use the objects in question. In an unmodded game, if you didn't have the base-game changing table, for example, the sim would change the baby/toddler's diaper directly, rather than using the Freetime or custom changing table which was right next to them.
- Sims cannot bathe babies/toddler any more, if the baby/toddler has a dirty diaper. The unmodded game allows sims to bypass changing diapers, and allows sims to bathe babies and toddlers in their dirty diaper which never made sense to me. You need to first change the dirty diaper before you can bathe the baby/toddler now. All of these rules are also valid for nannies, butlers and apartment neighbour nannies.
- Maxis added an interesting feature to sims who are currently holding a toddler. Every once in a while, the game checks to see if the toddler needs a motive to fulfill, and if so pushes the carrying sim to attend to the toddler's needs. This is nice, but had a few oversights. The game was only able to consider tubs for bathing toddlers, but was unable to consider shower+tub combos. This has been fixed. In addition, Sims were completely unable to consider changing the toddler's dirty diaper while carrying a toddler, so I've added that feature, too. In addition, Maxis made it so that sims who are carrying a toddler are pushed to initiate social interactions towards the toddler if there is no motive in need of attention. This means sims would only drop the toddler on the ground if the sim had low motives or if the sim was pushed another interaction by another object. Sims will now only consider initiating social interactions until the toddler's social motive is at a certain level. Family sims will interact more and Romance sims won't interact much. I have also made it so that sims will not consider using an object to fill a toddler's motive if the sim cannot access the room where the object is.
- Maxis unfortunately didn't add a baby version of the feature mentioned above for toddlers. Sims who are carrying a baby cannot attend to the needs of the baby whatsoever, they just stand there for about an hour and then put the baby in a crib, or on the ground. All of the toddler-related features are also now enabled for babies. There are obviously a few differences. Sims will bathe babies in sinks rather than tubs and so on. Young Adult and Adult female sims with a baby, if their motives are good enough, may even breastfeed while carrying the baby.
- This mod also fixes a small issue that prevents the game from making the toddler show a low motive distress balloon while being carried by another sim.
- Sims in this game are obsessed with interacting with babies/toddlers. I have added some checks that should make this process a bit easier for them. Sims won't consider initiating interactions towards babies/toddlers if the baby/toddler is currently being carried by another sim or if the baby/toddler is in a crib and has low Energy. This makes it so that sims don't immediately hold the baby/toddler right after they put them to sleep in a crib.
- When a sim considers putting a baby/toddler in a crib, the game will search for an available crib at a further range than before.
- When a sim tries to give a bottle to a toddler, the sim will wait for a longer time before giving up and dropping the bottle on the ground.
- When the game considers whether a nanny, butler or apartment nanny should be pushed to bring a bottle to a toddler, the game prevents the sim if there is already a non-spoiled bottle with some milk left in it in the same room as the toddler, so that they don't take bottles out of the fridge over and over again.
Note: There are two files inside the folder after you download and extract. BabyToddlerMod and BabyToddlerMod-Required-BabyBreastfeed, both of which are required.
UPDATE 1: Sims were still unable to consider using shower+tub combos to bathe toddlers. This has been fixed. Edit: Redownload if you downloaded UPDATE 1 before, as I only uploaded the main mod without the required Breastfeeding add-on. Don't forget, both files are required.
UPDATE 2: Before this update, any adult, female sim could breastfeed. What I wanted to do was to allow any female adult sim who had a baby to breastfeed. Apparently adding that feature isn't very easy, it would require me to cycle through the sim's offspring, and I'd rather not do that. So, this update makes it so that only the mother of the baby can breastfeed.
UPDATE 3: Nannies won't try to get bottles from the fridge if the toddler is currently eating toddler mush in a high chair. Nannies also won't try to clean unspoiled bottles which still have some food left in them. When a toddler asks a sim to change their diaper, the sim won't consider using a changing table which is in an inaccessible room. Sims cannot get a baby bottle or serve toddler mush from fridges which don't have enough food points any more.
UPDATE 4: This update fixes an issue which prevents nannies from being able to potty train toddlers if the toddler has not yet learned the potty skill. In an unmodded game, the nanny freezes if a toddler has low bladder and there is a potty on the lot. Now they will properly attend to the toddler. This fix does not affect custom potty chairs. If you have any custom potty chairs, then you need to replace the resource "Interaction - Potty Train Toddler TEST" with the one from this mod (Group: 0x7F257D5F - Instance: 0x0000100A)
UPDATE 5: Sims will not try to put babies and toddlers into cribs which already have a baby or toddler.
UPDATE 6: This update adds apartment checks to the mod. If the sim is inside an apartment suite, they will consider using objects within that apartment. If they are in a communal area, then they will consider using an object which is in the baby/toddler's apartment.
UPDATE 7: I just found a ridiculous mistake by Maxis which prevents sims from becoming more likely to interact with crying babies/toddlers in cribs. If your sims were ignoring their babies/toddlers in cribs and constantly doing other things including trying to sleep in the same room, this should be fixed now and they should be more likely to hold babies and toddlers, and also let toddlers out.
UPDATE 8: This update prevents sims from dropping babies and toddlers on the floor if the baby/toddler's energy or hunger is low.
UPDATE 9: Maxis' Breastfeeding code had a problem where sometimes if another sim or object pushed the mother or baby to route away, the baby would be taken out of the interaction, stopping all Hunger gain for the baby, while the mother would continue to breastfeed with animations. This update fixes that.
UPDATE 10: Sims will not lecture babies for bladder failure any more. Maxis added a check for toddlers, but forgot to add one for babies. Sims who are holding a baby without being engaged in the Hold interaction will also consider putting the baby in an available crib now. Normally sims are not supposed to hold a baby idly without being engaged in the Hold interaction, but I have found that NPCs like the Butler may sometimes end up in a situation like that, so this fixes that.
UPDATE 11: Fixed a potential Too Many Iterations error if the fridge didn't have enough food for the nanny to serve toddler mush on a high chair.

Parenting Mod: Freetime added a Parenting Life Skill, which seems to be the most useless Life Skill in the game. This mod makes it so that sims who have studied Parenting teach all toddler skills at twice the regular speed. In addition, when they encourage a sim, the personality change effect is higher. This mod does not affect custom potty chair skilling rate. If you have any custom potty chairs, you need to replace the resource "Function - Add To Potty Train Level" with the one from this mod (Group: 0x7F257D5F - Instance: 0x00001012)
UPDATE 1: Fixed a potential issue with negative toddler skill gain. Sims who have studied Parenting now increase toddler skills 50% faster, as doubling the rate made teaching toddler skills way too easy.

Pregnancy Not Showing Walk Mod: When a sim gets pregnant, but not showing, the game assigns them a mild pregnant walking animation which doesn't make any sense on non-showing sims. This mod prevents this and only allows the game to assign any kind of pregnancy walk if the sim is showing.

Pregnancy Can We Get Pregnant Mod: The unmodded game prevents sims from trying for baby and getting pregnant if the female is not part of the currently controlled family. This mod makes it so that if the female is a playable sim, then sims can still try for baby, obviously as long as the female sim's family can still support more sims.

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get these mods.

Requirements: Apartment Life.

Resources: Check the image.