Iron Cabinet to match Realm of Magic Iron Counter

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Uploaded: 24th Feb 2020 at 3:05 PM
Updated: 2nd May 2020 at 9:13 PM
Being late to the game to get Realm of Magic I was disappointed to discover there is no matching wall cabinet for the kitchen counters. So I've spent the past few days working on making a matching set. There are two versions. The first behaves like EA cabinets and is hidden when the walls of a room drop. The second version stays visible all the time even with walls down.

These new cabinets are not just simple recolours. Being the perfectionist that I am I have edited all of the meshes to ensure the handles match those on the official counters.

They come in 10 swatches just like the counters to make sure there is a matching swatch for every design. As I have had to create these textures by "franken-texturing" and hand painting sections the colours may not match 100% but unless you really look then you shouldn't really notice it.
I even added a slight design to the plates on display in some of the pieces.

They cost 215 simoleons and are found in the catalogue along with all other EA cabinets under the Surfaces> Cabinets sort.
You can also search for my username, Menaceman44, to find them.

Only install one of the packages in the zip. They will conflict with each other.
Choose the file with NODROP in the name if you want the counters to be visible at all times.

UPDATED 02 May 2020
Fixed an issue reported by Starry Might that prevented Sims from using counter sinks placed under one of these cabinets. Simply download the new file and let it overwrite the old version.

Polygon Counts:
LOD0 - 216
LOD1 - 100
LOD0 - 754
LOD1 - 258
LOD0 - 216
LOD1 - 100
LOD0 - 506
LOD1 - 254
LOD0 - 282
LOD1 - 170
LOD0 - 432
LOD1 - 246
LOD0 - 226
LOD1 - 138

Additional Credits:
Huge thanks to lavsm over on the Sims4Studio forums for helping me fix a placement issue with wall height,