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(UPDATE 9) New Turn Ons - Young Adult + Education + Aliens + Influential + Travel + Great Dancer + Pet Lover + Great Fighter + Eye Colours + Rich + Poor

by simler90 Posted 28th Mar 2018 at 5:29 PM - Updated 17th Jun 2019 at 3:08 PM by simler90 : UPDATE 9
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- New Version: Aliens+Rich+Poor. In this version, Aliens replaces Custom Hair, Rich replaces Glasses, and Poor replaces Full-face Makeup. Playable sims who have 30000 or higher in their household funds are considered to be Rich, but if they have less than 5000, then they are considered to be Poor. Non-playable sims do not have household funds in the Sims 2. Maxis realized this when they added the "How Much Money Do You Have?" interaction in Nightlife. To solve this, the game adds an invisible wealth token to these sims whenever your sim asks them "How Much Money Do You Have?", so that non-playable sims can answer the question, too. The token considers the sim to be rich if the sim's token has a number 15000 or higher. This version of the mod increases that threshold to 30000 to make everything consistent. This token is only used in the "How Much Money Do You Have?" interaction, and nowhere else. When the non-playable sim becomes a playable sim, this token becomes obsolete. In other words, you shouldn't pay much attention to whether or not non-playable sims are considered rich or poor, as the money they bring when they move in does not depend on this token.
UPDATE 9-1: This update is only for the Aliens+Rich+Poor version:
- Young adults could still be given the Unemployed trait in this version, now they won't be considered Unemployed.
- How the game determines whether a sim is Rich or Poor is now very different. For playable sims, this is the formula: FamilyFunds + Sim'sOwnedVacationHomesandCommunityOFBLotsWorth + RegularResidentialLotWorth. If the sim's home is not a regular residential lot, the worth of the sim's house won't be considered. University rentals/dorms/fraternities and apartment lots are not regular residential lots. If the final value is 100000 or higher, the sim is Rich. If it is below 25000, the sim is Poor. For non-playable sims, the game uses the invisible wealth token, and you will likely find that Downtownies and Socialites tend to be richer, and sims who are Hard-Worker also tend to be richer. The Diva should always be rich. If you had already asked any townies "How Much Money Do You Have?", then the value that was assigned to them at that time will be used as it is not possible to update the token in-game. Those townies will most definitely be considered Poor. If you know how to edit tokens in SimPE, you can change the values there.
UPDATE 9-2: Before this update, the mod did not consider the worth of the sim's house, vacation houses and owned businesses when the game determined how the sim should answer the "How Much Money Do You Have?" interaction. This update fixes that.
- Teens' grades do not matter any more. Teens will be considered to be Hard-Worker if they are a manager at a business, or have at least one level 10 business, or if they are at level 3 of their teen career.
- Young adults are never considered to be Unemployed any more, because young adults cannot be employed at a job in the Sims 2 without mods. They are now considered to be Hard-Worker if they have at least one level 10 business, or their GPA is at 3.7 or higher. If you have mods that allow young adults to be employed in regular careers or as employees at a business, then they will also be considered to be Hard-Worker if they are at level 6 or higher in their regular career, or if they are a manager at a business.

- Fixed a small problem with the Formalwear icon.
- Teens will only be considered to be Hard-Worker if they also have a school grade of A-, A or A+, in addition to being at level 3 of their teen career, or being a manager at a business, or owning a level 10 business.
- Young Adults will only be considered to be Hard-Worker if they also have a current GPA of 925 (3.7) or higher, in addition to being at level 6 or higher in a regular career, or being a manager at a business, or owning a level 10 business.

- Plantsims do not have hair in the Sims 2, they have leaves instead of hair. But, I found out that the game stills assigns the sim's non-plantsim hair colour as a turn-on/off trait. This is why Rose Greenman is still considered to have brown hair, even though she has green leaves on her head. Maxis knew about this, that's why they went ahead and gave Jason Greenman a turn-on for brown hair. This has been fixed. Plantsims are not eligible to have hair-colour traits any more. If you have a mod that allows plantsims to have non-plantsim hair-styles, then delete the line "if (IsBitSet(TO3, 2)) then D = 2 end".
- Plantsims have light green eyes, yet the game still assigns their non-plantsim eye-colour as a turn-on/off trait. This has been fixed. Now, plantsims are assigned the green eyes turn-on in the Eyes version of this mod. If you have a default-replacement plantsim skin that allows plantsims to show their non-plantsim eye-colour, then delete the lines "if (IsBitSet(TO3, 2)) then B = 2 end" AND "if (IsBitSet(TO3, 2)) then TO1 = SetBit(TO1, 14) end"
- New Version: YoungAdultAliensPetLoverEyesOneBlue: In this version, I went ahead and got rid of the two turn-ons for the two shades of blue eyes the game has, and added a single turn-on for blue eyes called "Blue Eyes". Sims who have the Blue Eyes turn-on are more attracted to sims who have light or dark blue eyes. This freed up a turn-on spot, so I added the Pet Lover turn-on, too.

- Teens who are at level 3 of their teen career are considered to be Hard-Worker.
- Adult and older Sims need to reach level 6 or higher in a normal career, instead of 5, in order to be considered to be Hard-Worker. The turn-on icon for Hard-Worker shows the number 6+, but the unmodded game considers level 5 to be Hard-Worker, too, which is a Maxis oversight.
- Sims who have Alien eyes, but not Alien skin, are also considered to be Aliens now.
- Sims need 5 pet friends, instead of 7, to be considered to be a Pet Lover now.
- Sims need to reach level 6 or higher dance skill level, instead of 9, in order to be considered to be a Great Dancer now.
- New Version - YoungAdult+Aliens+Eyes: In this version, Aliens replaces Facial Hair, Brown Eyes replaces Glasses, Light Blue Eyes replaces Makeup, Dark Blue Eyes replaces Full-Face Makeup, Grey Eyes replaces Hats, Green Eyes replaces Jewelry. Download this version ONLY if you don't have any custom eyes in your game. If you only have default-replacement eyes, then that's fine. This is because custom eyes which are not default replacements do not technically have a colour. Their colour is "custom". So, the game can't give the proper eye colour turn-ons/offs to the sim if the sim has custom eyes. In addition, I made it so that servos, vampires and active werewolves are not considered to have any eye-colour traits. This is because servos are robots, and vampires and active werewolves have overlays that change their eye colour to red and yellow. If you are using custom vampire or werewolf overlays that get rid of the red and yellow eyes, then you will want to modify this version of the mod a bit, here is how to do it:
- Open the Eyes version in SimPE, and click on the resource called "Lua Script".
- Make sure you are in Plugin-view below, and then click on the arrow button which is to the bottom-right of the right box.
- You should now have a separate window that shows all the code inside, you can drag the edges of this window to have a look at the entire code.
- If you want vampires to be eligible to receive eye-colour traits, then delete the line "if (IsBitSet(TO1, 8)) then B = 2 end".
- If you want active werewolves to be eligible to receive eye-colour traits, then delete the line "if (IsBitSet(C, 7)) then B = 2 end".
- Click OK, and then click on the Commit button which is to the top-right of the right box. Then, save the mod by clicking on the floppy disk icon to the top-left of SimPE.

UPDATE 5: The game now correctly checks if the sim has at least one level 10 OFB business. Before this update, sims with a level 10 home business were not considered to be Hard-Worker. Also, sims had to leave their community business lots after reaching level 10 in order to be considered to be Hard-Worker by the game. These have been fixed. So, now sims with a level 10 home business are also considered to be Hard-Worker, and the game checks the business level correctly everywhere.

- OFB Business owners with at least one Level 10 Business will be considered to be Hard-Worker.
- Added a new version called "Young Adult + Education + Aliens + Influential + Travel + Great Dancer + Great Fighter (Replaces Outfit Turn-Ons)" which adds the Great Fighter turn-on that replaces the Pet Lover turn-on. Sims whose Won Fight memories exceed their Lost Fight memories by 15 or more are considered to be a Great Fighter.

- Added English(UK) translation.
- Added a new version called "Young Adult + Education + Aliens + Influential + Travel + Great Dancer + Pet Lover" that adds 2 new turn-ons:
Great Dancer: This replaces the Makeup turn-on. Sims with the Great Dancer turn-on will feel more attracted to those sims that have maxed their dance skill. If you didn't know already, sims have a hidden dance skill. Keep dancing to max it.
Pet Lover: This replaces the Facial Hair turn-on. Sims with the Pet Lover turn-on will feel more attracted to those sims who have 7 or more pet friends. Deceased pets do count.
- Added an alternative version called "Young Adult + Education + Aliens + Influential + Travel + Great Dancer + Pet Lover (Replaces Outfit Turn-Ons)" which is the same as the version above, but in this version Travel replaces the Formal Wear turn-on, Great Dancer replaces the Swimwear turn-on, and Pet Lover replaces the Underwear turn-on. The Facial Hair, Makeup and Accessory turn-ons are still in the game in this version.

- Fixed an oversight in business-related code.
- Added a new version called "Young Adult + Education + Aliens + Influential + Travel" which adds the Travel turn-on that replaces the Accessory turn-on. Sims with the Travel turn-on will be more attracted to those sims that have had 5 or more good vacations. If you want to see how many good vacations your sims have had, then just take a look at the Vacation Mementos panel. Hats, glasses and jewelry are not part of attraction/chemistry any more in this version.

- Fixed a small oversight related to Servos.
- Fixed the known issue that I talked about in the description earlier. Here is what the problem was: when Maxis released Bon Voyage, they added a 3rd category of turn-ons. This category includes the Robots, Plantsimism and Lycanthropy turn-ons. Apartment Life added Witchiness to this category as well. These turn-ons have icons, that's how you see them in the UI, and they also made thought balloon icons for them, that's how you see them when you perform the "What Turns You On/Off?" interaction. The problem was that they did not update the "Do You Like What You See?" interaction with this new category of turn-ons. This is why, in an unmodded game, if you perform that interaction, and if the target sim has a category 3 turn-on/off, they will show you a random turn-on/off thought balloon from either category 1 or 2, which they don't have. This update fixes all of this.


This mod adds four new turn ons/offs to the game. In addition, it fixes quite a few problems with the attraction/chemistry system.

In an unmodded game, attraction/chemistry is nothing more than a missed opportunity. It barely has any influence on gameplay. As I have been playing the game with my Romantic Standards mod, which puts attraction/chemistry at the forefront of romance in the game, I've been planning on fixing some problems with the turn ons/offs.

This mod does the following:
- Adds the Young Adult turn-on which replaces the Custom Hair turn-on. Sims with this turn-on will be more attracted to Young Adult sims. This is much better than the Custom Hair turn-on.
- Adds the Education turn-on which replaces the Glasses turn-on. Sims with this turn-on will be more attracted to sims who have been through university. The reason it replaces Glasses is because the Glasses turn-on has absolutely no place in a full installation of the game, because wearing glasses automatically sets the Jewelry trait, meaning that those sims who have the Jewelry turn-on will feel more attracted to sims wearing glasses. In other words, the Jewelry turn-on covers both Glasses and Jewelry. In an unmodded game, a sim who has a turn on for both glasses and jewelry can have a very high attraction for someone wearing glasses, which is not supposed to happen. The Jewelry turn-on is basically an Accessory turn-on, hence why this mod changes the name of the Jewelry turn-on to Accessory, which is more appropriate. The reason why there is such an inconsistency between the Glasses and Jewelry turn-ons is because Jewelry was added to the game much later.
- Adds the Aliens turn-on which replaces the Full Face Makeup turn-on. I hate the Full Face Makeup turn-on, and want to see it gone from the game. Sims who have the Full Face Makeup turn-on feel attracted to supernatural sims, because supernatural sims like vampires have skin overlays which are considered full-face makeup. This is a perfect solution to a problem which has remained unfixed for so long.
- Alternative Version: Adds the Influential turn-on which replaces the Hats turn-on. Sims with this turn-on will feel more attracted to sims who have unlocked the full extent of the Influence bar. Note that I am not talking about how many Influence points the sim may have at any point. I am talking about the bar itself. Sims need 12 friends to unlock the bar fully, but if you have the Influence Business Perks, it should take fewer friends. The Hats turn-on has been incorporated into the Accessory turn-on, so sims with the Accessory turn-on will feel more attracted to sims wearing hats, glasses or jewelry, basically they are attracted to accessories.
- Jewelry will not set the Werewolf trait any more. It looks like the developer mixed up the values for these two turn-ons. Note that the Werewolf turn-on is in the Attraction Traits 3-category, whereas Jewelry is in Attraction Traits 1. It is possible Jewelry was intended to be in category 3 as well, so when they changed the category, they forgot to change the values.
- OFB business owners are not considered Unemployed any more. Being the owner of an OFB business does not give your sims a job, whereas OFB employees are assigned a proper job, but I don't see any reason to punish the player for choosing to play OFB. Note that only the owner of the business is affected, the family of the owner is not. Managers are also considered to be Hard Worker now.

TRANSLATION: The mod adds new turn-ons that replace existing ones. The new turn-ons have new names, but only in English. If you are playing the game in a language other than English, you will have to translate the new turn-ons yourself. It is very easy, here is how you do it:
- Open this mod in Sim Package Editor.
- Click on the resource called "EP2 Turn On / Off Strings".
- Make sure you are in Plugin View below, and then select your language from the drop-down list which is right above the list of turn-ons.
- Now, select a turn-on you want to translate, and then translate it in the box above the drop-down language list. So, if you are translating "Travel" for example, select the Jewelry turn-on, and then change it to mean "Travel" in your language.
- Click the "Commit File" button to the right.
- Now save the package file by clicking File>Save at the top. That's it.

COMPATIBILITY: You will most likely need all EPs.

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to unrar this mod.

Turn On/Off - Cache Personal Traits/0x7FD46CD0/0x00000446
EP2 Turn On / Off Strings/0x7FA7DC7C/0x000000E1
Lua Script/0x7FD46CD0/0x00000A0B
3 TXTR resources (Turn-on thought balloons)
4 IMG resources (Turn-on icons)

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