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Instrument Tip Mod

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Uploaded: 14th Sep 2019 at 5:02 PM
Updated: 13th Jan 2020 at 5:51 PM - UPDATE 3
UPDATE 3: I found out that whenever the sim picks the tip jar up and when the game credits the sim, the game actually credits the currently controlled family, regardless of whether the performer is part of the currently controlled family or not. This update fixes this and makes it so that the game credits the performer's family.

UPDATE 2: The Diva and Grand Vampires have a high chance to tip. Professors and Coaches have a moderate chance to tip. Slobs will never tip. Other NPCs have a very low chance to tip.

UPDATE 1: Sims will now route away from the tip jar after tipping.


I don't like the way tipping instrument players works in Sims 2. When a sim autonomously tips, the game does not decrease the tipper's household funds, meaning that the game is printing money. I also don't like the fact that townies can tip so regularly, because they don't have household funds.

This mod adds the following features to tipping:
- When a playable sim tips, the money is now taken directly out of their household funds. If the sim has less than 1000 simoleons in their household funds, they will never tip.
- Townies now need to pass a chance roll to tip. The chance depends on the type of townie they are. Regular townies, vacation locals, garden club and gearheads have a very low chance. Bohemians and jocks have a slightly higher chance. Techs have a moderate chance. Downtownies, socialites and vacation tourists have a high chance. You may want to consider playing for tips in Downtown.
- Sims will never tip someone they are furious at or enemies with.
- Sims who are in the same family can't tip household members.

You need the latest version of 7zip or WinRAR to get this mod.

Tuning: Playable sims need to have 1000 simoleons in their household funds to be able to tip. If you want to change this to a different amount, then open the mod in SimPE, select the resource called "Interaction - Tip - TEST", left-click on the line that says "Budget - TEST - Can nID Afford?", click on the pop-up wizard on the right, and then change the third number from 1000 to however much money you want sims to have in their household funds to be able to tip. You should not set this number lower than 100.

Requirements: Apartment Life.

Interaction - Tip - TEST/0x7FD48616/0x00001003
Interaction - Tip/0x7FD48616/0x00001002