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Kill Visiting Playables

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Uploaded: 13th Nov 2021 at 4:34 AM
For some reason, EA removed the ability to kill unselectable visiting playables after Seasons. They also neglected to add the BV townies to the list of people who could be killed, so you can't kill them either. This mod makes it so that you can kill the BV townies, and also unselectable visiting playables unless their family was last saved on an owned community lot (this restriction predates Seasons, so I'm sure there's probably a good reason for it). The only sims left who can't be killed should just be the untouchable NPCs and the Hobby Mavens. As far as I can tell after having this hack in my game for months, killing these additional sims causes no problems.

Game Compatibility

If you have Apartment Life, get killvisitingplayables-AL (otherwise you may not be able to kill your roommates), if you don't have AL, get the regular killvisitingplayables. However, if you don't have any EPs later than Seasons, you may not actually need this.

Hack Compatibility

Shouldn't conflict with anything that doesn't change who you can kill. Only modifies global BHAV 0x532.