No More Harmless Mermaid Dehydration!

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Uploaded: 10th Feb 2022 at 11:08 PM
Updated: 12th May 2022 at 11:45 PM
Update log

Here's another occult mod for y'all that literally nobody asked for! It's always bothered me that TS4 mermaids don't have a fatal weakness. Ever since choosing Hydration as the equivalent for Dark Energy in terms of necessary survival for the Mermaid Bloodlines (since I do like to have the primary benefit of bloodlines be something that can reduce the risk of death), I've wanted to make Mermaids, well, have a weakness that can be fatal.

My attempts at finding a mod that already did this mostly lead me to threads along the lines of ["do mermaids die if hydration drops?" "no" "ok"] and, for some reason, ["can mermaids drown sims?"]. So that was no help. I would have to do it myself!

Problem was, I had no idea how to actually pull it off. I tried traits and stuff but... yeah, no, it didn't work. But between Servo Bloodlines making me figure out how commodities are selected, and Dhampyr tempting me to test edits out for real, I ended up figuring it out.

So what does this mod do? Well. It adds death by dehydration for Mermaids (uses the same effects of overexertion death). I'd initially made it override the Hygiene need entirely, but after a comment made me start thinking about possible conflicts, I've changed it to affect the Failure interaction itself for when a Mermaid's hygiene reaches -100.

Now, don't fret. So long as you have XML Injector installed (which you should), Mermaids will, overall, experience far slower natural Hygiene decay. You'll likely still want to exercise near a readily available source of water, of course. Can't ever be too careful.

For the record, the death itself doesn't require XML Injector but uhm, the modifier I applied to the decay of Hydration does, so technically you could use this without XML Injector. But your Mermaids might dehydrate from running on a treadmill for too long. So... yeah. It's heavily heavily heavily recommended.

TL;DR: Mermaids actually need to keep up with their Hydration, and failure to stay hydrated will lead to an early demise.

Yes, I had way too much fun writing the description, why do you ask?

It did turn out rather short in comparison to my other descriptions, though, I'm slightly scared.

(yeah, this has custom strings now)

Sims4Studio for existing so I could go in and make this thing happen
dratinii over there in the comments for making me overthink this so hard that I realized there was a way simpler and less-likely-to-conflict way to implement this than how I had initially made this .-.

Future plans:
This is the part where I say I'll keep working on my queue, and I will, but let's be real, after releasing 2 mods and updating a further 2 within the past one or two days, I really just wanna go procrastinate and play the game for a few days. Then I'll get back to work with my queue and looking into the other Nyx mods.